Travel Date: Thursday, Nov 6 2014
I finally drive to New Roads, Louisiana which is just north west of Baton Rouge. I’m going to meet up with my Cajun brother, past Sigma Nu staff member and volunteer Jeremy. Jeremy worked on staff before I got there and I met him the first time when he organized a Sigma Nu Louisiana Day where all the chapters in Louisiana came in for leadership training. 
Over the years I have run into him many times at different Sigma Nu conferences and also met his wife when they came up to HQ for a visit. 
Finally I arrive at their home and reunite with Jeremy, his wife Jessica and meet their new born Jax (Jaxson).

One of my favorite Sigma Nu’s ever… and fellow Cajun brother.

For dinner we head out to the local restaurant: Hot Tails.

Jeremy knows a few people in the area. They are relatives. Why does that not surprise me?

We head out to the kitchen area to order our food.

Definitely in LSU Tiger territory.

A variety of beer on tap. That’s a good sign!

And the menu. Oh geez!

We get some beers. Cheers to not being pregnant and all of us drinking collectively!

And some appetizers.

Group dinner photo: this is Jax’s first dinner out. I am honored to be a part of it. He is a really really really good baby.

I order the sampler. All of it was delicious and yes all of it was fried.

After dinner we head back to the crib, where Jeremy is smothering Jax with hugs and kisses – like every good dad should!

And then there is that moment…
Jax: (Thinking) Hey daddy… what big eyes you have!
Daddy: (Thinking … and in a Cajun accent) Funny, I was about to say the same thing. You definitely are a chip of the old block!

Seeing Jeremy, Jessica and Jax was great. It is always great to hang out with Jeremy, but watching him as a dad is definitely something else and is quite exciting.  It was fun to talk shop about Sigma Nu, Lexington, Louisiana, and future staff reunions.

I love hearing their different versions of how they met and started dating. Quite entertaining. You should ask them separately sometimes. 🙂 Sorry guys, the cat is out of the bag!

Thank you LaCombes for Cajun dinner, for hosting me for three nights. I am very excited about the next few days.

Expenses: $0.00