Travel Date: Thursday, Nov 6 2014
Who doesn’t love the smell of bacon in the morning? 

Madeline makes me a full and delicious American breakfast.

After breakfast we head out shopping for a laptop. Madeline was quite impressed with the Microsoft Surface tablet (first edition) that I have been carrying around on my travels to Spain and across the U.S.A.

We head over to the Best Buy in Houma and I play with a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet.

And then I drop her back home, say goodbye and head over back to Nicholls to see a few other people that I missed on Day 1.

I pass by the Guidry Football Stadium where I and Katie were crowned Homecoming King and Queen 2000.

And I drive by Calecas Hall again, get another parking pass, park and then walk towards the Student Union to see Marilyn who is the International Student Advisor (not sure about the title anymore).

We reconnect in her office and talk shop about Nicholls State and the status of the International Student Program. I also found out that two other international students from Jamaica won Homecoming Queen in 2007 and Homecoming King in 2008. Great to hear that!!

Its lunch time so I decide to eat at the newly renovated cafeteria.

A somewhat healthy meal with some jambalaya. At least I got my vegetables in there, right mom!

I walk by the student union where I hear what appears to be an African Band playing.

Make a couple of trips down Picciola Hall and run into Dr. Dial who used to be the Dean of Students when I was in school.

Ah, the classic look of Nicholls State University.

And the fountain which still is not operational and the paint looks to be chipping away.

And then there is the bayou!

I walk by to visit a fellow Sigma Nu and my friend Ronnie, who was actually my professor for one class. Some of the lessons I learned from the database class eventually came in handy while doing some work at Sigma Nu Headquarters.

Went back to the admissions office to see if Laurie was back and caught up with her.

The classic Nicholls logo.

I walked around some of the buildings and hallways reminiscing about the times I was a student when I walked these hallways to go from one class to another.

Ah, I tried to meet up with my friend Andie who now works for Nicholls but she wasn’t around. I think I just missed her.

It was getting close to departure time, but just before I was about to leave I had to stop by and see one last person: Debbie aka Raz who was in charge of the Alumni Federation when I was there. She oversaw a lot of the Homecoming Festivities when Katie and I won Homecoming Queen and King. She was also the National President for Delta Zeta Sorority, and would run into the Sigma Nu Executive Director and Sigma Nu Educational Foundation President and ask about me often – since I used to work for them.

After Debbie and I catch up, it is time to head out to New Roads, Louisiana and hang out with another Sigma Nu volunteer Jeremy. But first I had to stop by my go-to-restaurant (er… fast food place) Wendy’s where I got some spicy chicken sandwiches and giant sodas for those late nights of studying.

Time to hit the road!


Another great day of memories. A wonderful breakfast with Madeline. Bacon in the morning = nom nom nom. Watching Madeline play with the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3 was fun. She was very very excited about getting one. In the end we didn’t get one, but the reactions in the store were priceless. Simple life pleasures of an IT nerd. Thank you Madie for taking care of me all these years, for hosting me and for the delicious breakfast.

Going back to Nicholls State and visiting a few people that I didn’t get to see on Day 1 was great: Marilyn, Dr. Dial, Laurie, Ronnie and most of all Debbie aka Raz. Raz is such a warm spirit and so genuinely caring about others. I will always remember her for having my back during Homecoming. It was great to see her and reconnect. Cannot believe we lost touch. Fortunately now there is facebook and texting.

Seeing the campus again during the day, walking around and visiting some of the spots I didn’t see earlier the previous day brought great flashbacks about things I did, people I met, a few stories that involved girls, and my fraternal experiences. Ah, treasured memories!

Gas: $27.12 (Murphy Gas)
Insurance: $118.00 (AAA)
Lunch: $8.02 (Giallano Cafe)