Travel Date: Friday, Nov 7 2014
After woke up, I walked outside to the backyard patio and saw the beauty landscape of his backyard. Wow, it is gorgeous. Last night it was pretty dark, so this morning’s visual treat was a great surprise.

I head back in for some beignets. A traditional New Orleans treat! Don’t wear black clothing while you are eating it.

And then I head out to Baton Rouge to meet up with my friend from college Kevin (KJ). We decided to meet up for lunch at a sports bar called Walk-Ons.

KJ was a football player for Nicholls State and while I was in the football dorm we got to know each other. He is smart guy and in college we bonded over our Computer Science (my major) versus Computer Information Systems (his major) rivalry.

We talked about the changes at Nicholls, people that we knew, his family, my travels, computer job market and various other things. I also got great advice and tips from him about looking for jobs, and his view on certifications versus experience.

Well the food was okay. But company great. It was great to see him and catch up.

After lunch he had to head back to work. And I decided not to be touristy and instead go to the starbucks nearby and catch up on some blogging and trip planning.

Later in the evening, I drove to The Radio Bar, to meet up with a past Sigma Nu staffer: Nick (Clags) who lived in Baton Rouge.

I got there a little early so I decided to grab a drink and check out the place.

Wish it weren’t too cold for me outside. But it is a nice bar.

I went inside where it was slightly warmer and waited on Clags.

A few moments later, he arrives and we catch up on good times, each other lives, my travels, people we know, and all things Sigma Nu. It is great to find out that he is doing well and happy with life. Thank you for being generous and buying me a drink Clags.

Clags has to leave and meet up with his girlfriend for dinner plans. I head out and drive back to New Roads. And waiting for me at home is some take-out jumbo. Oh my, oh my… life is really good. Take-out gumbo!! Man, I have really missed Louisiana.

Now I am one full and bloated skinny Indian.
Jeremy’s home is beautiful. No doubt about it. I was visually smitten when standing outside overlooking the river.
Meeting up with KJ reminded me about the great times and people I met in college. And the benefit of having a networking tool like facebook to reconnect and rekindle friendships that you have with people. I don’t talk to him often but it allows us to stay in touch with each other and meet up when the opportunity presents itself. It was great to see him. He is still the same bubbly, energetic, and positive person that I met at school and it is great to see that he hasn’t changed that part of his personality.
Meeting with Clags reminded me about the benefits of working for Sigma Nu HQ. It is great when you can have run-ins and meet ups with people that you aren’t particular close with but have shared a few moments or experiences together. Being in a fraternity allows for such a fraternal bonding experience but working for the staff of Sigma Nu makes you even more connected to something more than just the fraternal experience. It is almost like a fraternity within the fraternity.
And going back to the LaCombes I had delicious gumbo, and some left over fried food from Hot Tails. I love some authentic gumbo … and the fact that it was take-out just made my day.
Lunch: $13.98 (Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar)
Coffee: $1.91 (Starbucks)
Beverages: $5.00 (Radio City)