Travel Date: Sunday, Nov 9 2014
Got up early again, because I wanted to head down to the Mercedes Superdome in New Orleans. So I saw goodbye and thank you to Jeremy, Jessica and Jax and head out.

As I get closer to the exit near the dome the traffic builds.

I decide to park the Ali Baba mobile in the Superdome. It is quite expensive but I don’t have to deal with going around in circles and trying to find a space. Besides my number one priority is trying to get a ticket.

I walk around trying to figure out where I can get tickets and finally find the ticket office.  There is not much of a line which is a good thing but it is taking forever for the line there to move.

Good thing they had staff there advising and assisting people.

This guy informed me that the fastest most efficient way to get a ticket is to use the wifi and order it via the web.

And in 10 minutes of creating an account, entering my credit card number, and clicking a bunch of buttons I had my ticket. I didn’t even have to print it out. It came with the QR barcode. AWESOME!!! Just became a raving fan of the Superdome staff and the technology they use!!

I walk away all giddy that I finally have a ticket. Excited that I am finally going to watch my very first home game in the Superdome. I turn around and look at the Superdome. She is so pretty!

I decide to walk towards Champions Square.

Ah, the owner Tom Benson lifting the trophy!

The festival crowd: both Saints and 49ers fans. Everyone is joyous and civil.

I go down for a closer look and experience. Wish I could share this moment with someone I know.

After a while I turn around and begin to walk to the Superdome.

All cleared for entry.

I’m finally here! And as you will soon be able to tell, I try to take it every moment.

Look at the ceiling and the Mercedes Benz symbol, makes me nervous about sitting high up with my top level seats.

The panoramic views.

People are walking on the field setting things up.

The NFC South, NFC Championship and Superbowl winning banners to my left.

Proof I was here! Beside the other blog post pictures.

The Saints start to come out.

The huddle followed by the Drew Brees sermon. Win Win Win!

Stretching and warm-ups.

Setting up for the introductions.

The intros

Post intros

The National Anthem being played.

The official coin toss.

And we begin

Out of all the people who sat next to me, I had to have a 49ers fan sitting on my right side. Well, at least she is cute.

Half time.

I feel like I watching something during Captain America time.

The best dome picture I took with the crowd and the people around me.


The friends I made on the left side of my seat.

Unfortunately, we lost the game. Can’t believe this. Yesterday, I experienced my first LSU game at Tiger Stadium/Death Valley and they lose dramatically. Today I experienced my first Saints game in the Superdome and they lose dramatically again. Both games were first home losses in a long time. I must be cursed from watching home games. More superstitions to follow me.

I stay in the Superdome for a while to soak in the field, and the memory while everyone leaves. I finally go out after almost everyone disperses, and begin to walk around with the crowd. The 49ers fans are ecstatic and the Saints fans are like ‘the story of the season.’

I head over to Jimmy Johns, grab a sub and a drink, talk to a few 49ers fans who are extremely complimentary about the Saints fans and the hospitality of the people of New Orleans.

I then head back to the Superdome, pick up my car, and drive over to a local bar: Oscars near Robby’s place until he gets home. And finally hangout with him and catch up.

Robby is a past Sigma Nu staffer who lives in New Orleans. Haven’t seen him for about maybe a year so we catch up on where we left off, my travels, his travels and whats going on in his world. We are both frustrated at the outcome of the Saints game… and too emotionally exhausted to talk about it.

So we chill out for a bit and then it is time to go to bed. I plan to get up early,  spend sometime in the French Quarter at Cafe Du Monde, and have some beignets and then head out to Mississippi to see Marcus. Robby has to get up even earlier for work, so that works out for both of us.

Thank you Jeremy and Jessica again for hosting me for a three days. Thank you Robby for putting me up for the night. Wish I could spend more time with you but the road beckons.

Watching the Saints game was awesome and frustrating. I enjoyed the electricity of the Dome and understood how LOUD it can get.  It was quite the experience. I will be back at some point for another Saints home game. I’m not going to let this ‘superstition’ stop me from watching more home games. We have won all the Saints road games I have attended. Time to bring that luck back at home too.

Expenses: $186.08
Parking: $35.00 (Mercedes Superdome)
Ticket: $128.15 (Saints vs 49ers)
Dinner: $9.78 (Jimmy Johns) aka giving Brees more of my money!
Beverages: $5.00 (Oscars)
Supplies: $8.15 (Walgreens)