Travel Date: Monday, Nov 10 2014
Got up early, and said goodbye to Robby. And then jetted out to the French Quarter. 

And walked to the famous staple Cafe Du Monde. I’ve been a number of times to New Orleans and I keep forgetting to stop by and get some beignets. Cafe Du Monde was setup in 1862 and is open 24 hours a day except on Christmas Day and the occasional hurricane.

There is no line and lots of empty tables – which is unheard of.

The sign.

Many of the tables still haven’t been set. Gosh, I’m that early.

Finally someone sets my table.

And I order some coffee and beignets. Make sure that you don’t wear black when eating the beignets.

As I’m enjoying my last beignet and sipping my coffee a lady walks over to me and asks if she can join me. I’m a little surprised, but I entertain the idea since there are no more free tables around and that is something I would totally do if I wanted to sit down. We start talking and I find out that DeLaine is well traveled across the globe. I tell her about my travel adventures, and most recently the two games I went to watch at LSU and the Superdome. I come to discover that her husband hired Nick Saban to coach LSU and now he is the President of the NCAA. Wholly molly and I’m a big LSU fan.

We continuing talking have a great conversation about traveling, meditation, and common interests. And then it time to head out to reunite with another friend. As I’m exciting I notice the long line to enter Cafe Du Monde. Glad I got there quite early.

I meet up with Fr. Michael at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church. Fr. Michael is someone I met on my last day in Bigfork, Montana visiting Carl. Fr. Michael is a Dominican Friar.

The church.

I meet up with him at the entrance.

And we decide to go to the Church and meditate for a bit.

It is quite beautiful.

After a 30 minute meditation we head over back to where the live and he show me his skills on the piano.

We catch up and talk for a bit. I have to head out shortly so I say my goodbyes and wish him well.

And I’m off driving towards Jackson, Mississippi but along the way I come across a Raising Canes establishment and decide that I need to try it once since I’m in Louisiana and on my way out.

It is quite empty.

Oh yes, better enjoy some sweet tea while I am still in the South.

And some fried chicken.

Some information about the company: Raising Canes.

And then I really jet out towards Jackson, Mississippi.


It was good to see Robby and spend time with him, even though it was quite short lived.

Spending time re-experiencing Cafe Du Monde was a treat. I savored every moment I bit into those beignets. SO DELICIOUS. Randomly meeting the wife of the NCAA President was quite unexpected. We had a great conversation and someday I wish to be as well traveled as her and her husband.

Spending time with Fr. Michael was good. I really enjoyed meditating in the Church. It was quite beautiful and quiet. It was also good preparation for my Vipassana Meditation retreat in Jesup, Georgia.

And some good ‘ol southern cooking treats at Rasing Canes. I’m gonna have to work out something today to balance out all those calories I consumed.

Breakfast: $10.00 (Cafe Du Monde)
Lunch: $7.61 (Raising Canes)
Parking: $3.00 (French Quarter Parking)
Gas: $25.63 (Racetrac)