Travel Date: Tuesday, Nov 11 2014
After coffee with Marcus, I left Jackson, Mississippi.
And began the drive to Alabama.

Finally arriving at the state sign at the border.

And continued driving to Birmingham.

The plan was to briefly meet my friend Hope and her family at the Railroad Park in downtown Birmingham.

The colors of the trees are quite pretty.

I meet up with my friend Hope and her family: Tim (husband), Sage and Journey. She was my account manager for Intermark Group when I worked at Sigma Nu HQ and we kept in touch over the years. When she left Intermark Group I lost touch with her but then renewed it through facebook.

It was Veterans Day so there was a parade and additionally a fly over.

It was a beautiful day in Birmingham. Perfect weather for a walk in the park and additionally kids playtime.

Time flies by quickly. Hope and her family are heading home. I say goodbye and head back towards the car.
And as I am walking back I get distracted by a brewery: Good People Brewing Co. Sounds like my kind of people.

I like the road side marketing. Pun intended!

I walk inside to a spacious brewery.

And order a sampler and something to snack on. And then I talk to some locals.

And after finished my sampler, I head over to Huntsville, Alabama to see one of my very good friends: Russell and his family. I haven’t seen Russell and his wife Jennessa in a while. I met Russell through working for Sigma Nu. He also is a Sigma Nu and volunteered with the Headquarters and so our paths crossed, and we’ve stayed in touch ever since.

Had a great dinner with his family and spent sometime catching up with him. Their son Tyce insisted on getting in the adult picture. So did their dog. 🙂 So we did a group selfie.

After dinner with Russell and Jennessa, I head over to JT’s house. I actually haven’t met JT but our mutual friend Chandler hooked me up with a place to stay for the night through JT.

JT doesn’t get in until late, so I meet up with his roommates and briefly say hi to him when he comes in late.

Travel Date: Wednesday, Nov 12 2014

However, in the morning we share some coffee and conversation together.

And then it is time to drive to HOT Atlanta to see one of my good friends from college: Elias.

Today was a Sigma Nu packed day.

I first hung out with Marcus in Jackson, Mississippi, and then headed to see an old friend Hope whom I haven’t seen in a while. And the irony is that I met her through working for Sigma Nu HQ. It was great to see her and meet her family. Her kids Sage and Journey are adorable and I got a reasonable work out playing soccer with them. I’m soooo out of shape.

Seeing Russell (who is also a Sigma Nu) and his family was also great. Whenever I’m near Huntsville I try make time to visit them. Thank you Russell and Jennessa for the impromptu dinner.

And also getting a place to stay at JT’s home (a Sigma Nu) through a friend Chandler (also a Sigma Nu) made me appreciate the Sigma Nu connection and networking more.

Russell, JT and Chandler are all from the same Sigma Nu Chapter: Mu Beta – The University of Alabama in Huntsville. I met Russell when he was a volunteer for Sigma Nu HQ. I met Chandler when we contracted him to do work for Sigma Nu HQ. And I met JT through Chandler’s efforts to find me a place to stay for the night. Did I forget to mention JT’s roommates are also Sigma Nu’s.

There is probably too much brotherly love and fraternalism in this post already! 🙂 I’m proud of my fraternity affiliation and grateful for its networking connections.

Expenses: $21.90
Beverages: $10.00 (Good People Brewery)
Beverage: $11.90 (Brickyard)