Travel Date: Monday, Nov 10 2014
After leaving New Orleans I drove to the birthplace of America’s music: Mississippi.

Drove to visit my friend Marcus in Jackson, Mississippi. I got there early so I decided to go to a local coffee shop, and work done: pay bills, open my mail, and catch up with any blogging.

I decided to have a beer instead of a coffee at the Sneaky Beans Coffee Shop. It is quite an interesting place. A house that is converted into a coffee shop.

After an hour or so, I drive to Marcus’ home and meet up with him. I know Marcus through Sigma Nu HQ. We used to work together while he was a traveling Leadership Consultant for the Chapters. Like his chapter brother Robby whom I stayed with in New Orleans, I haven’t seen him in a few years since he left to pursue his Masters Degree.

We drive with his friend Kierstan to dine at Babalu Tacos and Tapas.

We get some appetizers.

And some fresh made in-your-face guacamole.

And some delicious tacos.

Of all us have a wonderful conversation about world traveling, my travels, and working at Sigma Nu.

We then head home and after some late night catching up on everything Sigma Nu and everything politics, it is time to hit the bed. I plan to get up early tomorrow and head out to Birmingham, Alabama for a brief stop and then Huntsville, Alabama.

Travel Date: Tuesday, Nov 11 2014

In the morning Marcus and I get up and we head out to another local coffee shop that he likes to visit: Cups Fondren.

We get some coffee and hang out for a bit under the pretense that he is going to get some school work done, and I will tend to my blogging. But neither of us get anything accomplished. We just enjoy the moment of friendship and fraternalism.

And shortly after he has to depart to class and I decide it is time to drive to Alabama, with my first stop in Birmingham and last in Huntsville.


I actually wish I spent more time in Mississippi visiting many parts of the state. Unfortunately there was little time and few number of friends to visit between my crossover from Louisiana to Georgia.

It as great to see Marcus and spend time with him. I remember many of our conversations while working with him at Sigma Nu and our reunion in Jackson was great.  It is quite amusing to know that he, Robby and Markus (Jones) once all worked at HQ and were all from the same chapter. Thank you for your hospitality and your generosity (dinner) while I was in Jackson.

Expenses: $7.68
$7.68: Coffee (Cups Fondren)