Travel Date: Wednesday, Nov 12 2014
After leaving JT, I hit the road towards Atlanta, Georgia. The colors of the trees were spectacular.

I saw this stone and space to park, so I pulled aside, got out of car and enjoyed the view.

Then got back on the beautiful scenic road.

Made another scenic stop.

And then continued on the road ahead.

Finally made it to Atlanta and decided to stop at a coffee shop nearby: Taproom Coffee & Beer, grab a drink and wait until one of my buddies got home from work.

Starting downloading all the pictures I have taken while sipping that delicious beverage.

My buddy Elias calls and I head over to his home. The last time I was in Atlanta for a wedding I stayed with him and we haven’t seen each other for 13 years.

Since then a lot has changed. For one he got hitched to a wonderful lady: Cherrelle and they’ve traveled in Europe as well. So Elias decides to celebrate and break out the bubbly!

Cheers to renewed friendship and a beautiful marriage.

Cherrelle is whipping some food for dinner.

Also being goofy.

Time to munch down.

I’m quite hungry!

I’m telling Elias about my trip to Spain and the 560 mile walk and also my trip across the United States. He asks about my gear so I bring it in.

He is imagining how much fun it would be to camp out, and maybe also walk the Camino… totally outdoorsy stuff.

We decide against going out tonight. Time to just relax, chill and talk around the TV which we aren’t really watching.

And then it is time for bed.


The drive was just gorgeous. I really didn’t want it to end. Such beautiful scenery with the trees changing colors everywhere.

And most importantly it was good to see Elias. He is one of the brightest and hard working person I’ve ever known. We were both at Nicholls State together as international students, competitive Computer Information Systems/Computer Science majors, and lab assistants together. He has done really well for himself both professionally and personally. He is just one of those people I look up to and try to model myself after. Also found out he was awarded a scholarship I tried to apply for. No wonder I never got a reply – ass. 🙂

And it’s official and those two love bugs are finally married: Elias and Cherrelle. She is an awesome person and I couldn’t be happier for him and her.

Sharing stories of the Camino and the US road trip with Elias was wonderful. So great to catch up, and even show him my gear. It was like watching a kid in a candy store.

Expenses: $45.86
Gasoline: $28.74 (Kroger)
Lunch: $8.48 (Arbys)
Beverages: $8.64 (Taproom Coffee)