Travel Date: Thursday, Nov 13 2014
I get up in the morning and head out to meet up with my friend Doug near Emory University. 

He suggested that we meet at The General Muir restaurant.

And so we did. I met Doug while walking the Camino in Spain. There were very few Americans on the Camino, so when he mentioned that he lived in Atlanta we instantaneous hit it off. After the Camino we connected on facebook, I told him I would look him up if I ever came to town.

I decided to get the Poached Eggs and Grits: gruyere, roast mushrooms, madeira sauce, toast sticks. Quite delicious!

I think he got the same!

It was great to see Doug and catch up on each others lives.

Then I head off to see the Martin Luther King Jr Historical Site and Preservation District. Elias recommended that I check that out.

After the amazing experience at MLK Jr. Historical Site and walking through the Preservation District I decided to walk around and get some coffee.

I got some pour over coffee. I love the canister.

And started talking to my neighbor Shelly who is from Miami, Florida and gave me good ideas of places to visit while I was in Miami. We talk a lot about photography, lighting, instagram, etc. She gives me some great ideas and tells me about her photography website.

Around dinner time I head home and meet up with Cherrelle smiling and cooking some dinner.

The house smells really good and I cannot wait to dig in.

Oh yess…. right in my belly!

Since Elias and I took the night off yesterday, today we decided to hit the town.

He took me to a bar (forgot the name).

It doesn’t take us long to get some beverages, get cheerful and have a good time.

This bar is a performance bar, where you use your iPhone to vote on your song of choice from a list of songs. The most votes becomes the next song sung!

The performance begins. This rocks!

I need to take a bathroom break and when I head over I notice that the bathroom doors are unisex and have no handles for the door. It is an automatic door.

But when you are inside you MUST push the Red Knob to firmly lock the door and Pull it to exit. Forget to do this and it could be an embarrassing moment.

After a while we get bored with the music and decided to head back home.


It was great to see Doug. He was the first person I have seen from the Camino in the United States in person. We caught up on how the Camino has changed our lives and made a difference in the way we view the world. Doug is going through some challenging periods but I know the Camino has opened a different perspective of his viewing his challenges. Doug, thank you for the company and the generous lunch treat. It was great to see you and spend time with you. Buen Camino my friend, buen camino!

Meeting Shelly from Miami was great. I love talking and interacting with strangers and sharing an experience. I got some great suggestions from her about things to do in Miami especially checking out Art Basel if I have time.

Thank you Cherrell for the dinner and conversation. And Elias my bro… thanks for the fun night out and the beverages. Cannot wait to hang out with you again tomorrow. Good times bro. Good times always!

Expenses: $124.40
Parking: $2.00 (At General Muir)
Coffee: $4.86 (Condesa Coffee)
Parking: $10.00 (Valet)
Other: $107.34 (Miscellaneous expenses for taxes and DMV registration)