Travel Date: Thursday, Nov 13 2014

Yesterday, Elias suggested that I go see the Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) National Historic Site as one of the touristic and historical places to see Atlanta. So in the morning after I met up with Doug from the Camino, I headed over.

Looking across at Ebenezer Baptist Church: the chuch where MLK grew up, and where his father and grandfather preached at.

Patrick Morelli’s: The Sculpture – Behold the only thing greater than yourself.

I walk past the Church and past the Behold Sculpture towards the entrance.

The surrounding area.

I notice the Visitor Center sign.

The beautiful tree colors in the background.


Up closer.

The political movement towards equality.

I check in with the Parks Service desk and get a ticket to get a tour of MLK’s childhood home.

I leave the Visitor’s Center and walk towards the Historic District. On the way there I see Martin Luther King Jr. Fountain, and I stop to observe and reflect.

A memorial for MLK and Correta Scott King.

The view from the other side.

The Eternal Flame.

I continue walking and see the Firestation which is also part of the NPS Historic Site. Not sure why?

I continue walking into the Preservation District and notice the Shotgun Houses.

And then finally see MLKs childhood home across the street.

I walk to the tour center, look around, and take a seat since the tour is about to begin.

We leave the tour center and walk to the home again.

Our tour guide tells us that you cannot take pictures inside.

So finally when we go back out I start clicking away.

We are in the backyard.

We walk back to the tour center and I take a few more picture

I then walk back towards the fountain to visit The King Center.

I love this picture of Gandhi and MLK. Two great men.

They have a Gandhi room???

Nehru and MLK.

I then walk into the King Room.

And then finally the Rosa Parks room.

I leave towards the Visitors Center

And take a picture of the statue of Gandhi outside.

And the beautiful landscape and tree colors around me.

Walk back inside to see more information and displays.

And watch the self repeating movie about Dr. King Jr.

I then wander off to Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Walk downstairs to the basement.

Some historical facts

Then back up to the actual church.

And leave. Along the way I see this mural.

It was quite the learning experience. Never knew MLK grew up in the middle class. Appreciating the conditions of his youth, and knowing the extra religious and strict household he grew up in one can observe how it moulded him to become the man he was. 
Learning about his curiosity in Gandhi and his non-violence movement taught me that violence is never the way and made me ponder effective non-violent solutions (if there are any) towards the causes of 9/11 and international and domestic terrorism. 
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