Travel Date: Friday, Nov 14 2014

In the morning, I headed out to the Georgia Aquarium – Elias suggested it – and instead of parking in the paid parking lots I managed to find some free parking around the area. I love it when that happens.

Parked and got on foot.

Cut through the side entrance.

Noticing the big signs.

Finally here! I paid for and printed my ticket online and got there a few moments after the doors opened. I planned to beat the traffic, but there wasn’t any. šŸ™‚

Walked inside.

It is quite a large facility. See map. I decided to check out the Tropical Diver exhibit first.

Look sea horses.

Lovely jellyfish


Neat, a scuba diver on the other side of the tank.

I decided to say hi and make a friend through the glass.

And then everyone else decided to do the same.

The shark egg display.

You can actually see the fetus shark (if that is what it is called) move inside the egg.

I decide to check out the Ocean Voyager exhibit next.

That is a gigantic grouper.

A manta ray: I call him Charles.

There is Manta Ray Charles again

Holy Moli… do you see how big that fish is?

Here it is again.

People walking through the tube.

Watch out for divers!

Why the ocean matters.

A different angle on the same exhibit.

Next up is the Coldwater Quest

Starfish, urchins, etc.

And Beluga Whales

They don’t really approach us visitors so it is a little hard to see them.

California sea otters: at least that is what the sign says.

The wonderful world of penguins!

And i you are small enough in size or five years old, you can craw under the tube to get a close look. I saw an adult go through. His excuse was his child.

Next exhibit: River Scout

Oooh. That’s colorful!

Piranhas. I wouldn’t mess with them.

Apparently, they keep the Asian otters away from the California ones.

And the dolphins.

Speaking of which Elias suggested that I see the dolphin show. It is for kids, but it is entertaining. Hope those dolphins aren’t abused. I do feel bad though since I am essentially paying for their continued captivity.

Unfortunately there is no picture taking or recording of the show so I cannot share some of the dolphin tricks that I witnessed; however, I do suggest going to the show. It was quite entertaining once you get past the cheesy stuff.

I go into a theater to watch a 3D movie that turns out to be cartoon and is really really boring. I leave and then realize I left my wallet in the theater. Turns out it was not there when I discovered it missing and went back to find it. Fortunately though some good Samaritan returned it to the front desk and I was able to reclaim it shortly after.

I next headed over to the don’t-know-what-you-call-it area… but it is NEAT!

Emperor Penguin


Porcupine Fish.

Ocean Sunfish

Goliath Grouper

Atlantic Spadefish

Sea Stars

Squids whom you don’t want to mess with.

Sand tiger shark

Whale Shark

Shark reproduction

Thresher Sharks. “If you see sharks… you’re in a healthy ocean.”

And now it is time to leave.
I enjoyed the Georgia Aquarium. Although after 2 hours of walking around it I was ready to leave. Lots of kids around … and I came early. Trust me on this if you are walking around you may accidentally trip and fall over one if you are not paying conscious attention to where you are walking. I almost did twice.
The dolphin show was great – minus the cheesy stuff, but the kids love it. And also don’t sit in the front or you MAY get wet. Middle seats are fine. Great recommendation Elias.
I favorite parts were the seeing the shark fetus move in the eggs and the really big fish: manta rays, begula whales, and the dolphins. Although I will have to say the National Aquarium in Baltimore has them beat since they have a large shark tank that is awesome!!
Expenses: $35.51
Georgia Aquarium: $35.51