Travel Date: Friday, Nov 14 2014

Got up in the morning and went to the Georgia Aquarium. After leaving the Aquarium I walked towards downtown Atlanta.

And stumbled into Centennial Olympic Park.

The views of the park were great!

And tributes to the Olympians!

Noticed a tribute to the USA Men’s basketball team: Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Scotty Pippen … It got me reminiscing about classic games and great players.

I leave centennial park and go into the mall, and decide to get some Thai Cuisine.

It was ramen noodle soup with veggies. It was cold outside and I need something healthy and very warm.

After my late lunch I spent some time at a Starbucks nearby and caught up on some blogging. I drove home and dug into some pizza and wings with Elias and Cherrelle.

And then Elias and I went for a night out. First stop 1 Kept.

It was one of his friends birthday: Sandra

There was quite a large group. I wish I had taken more pics at the party. This is the only one with me and Elias in there.
After the birthday part, we head over to the Czar Ice Bar: a vodka and sushi bar!

Look at all that Vodka.

We sit down

And grab a ‘the manliest’ mixed drink we can find on an ice-cold bar.

And notice a bartender who has a Jimmy Graham look. So we end up calling him Jimmy all night. Even told him about it and he doesn’t mind.

Soon after, the munchies kick in and we go to R. Thomas Deluxe Grill for some late night food.

We are sooo ready to eat.

You can really have breakfast at any time in the night, can’t you?

After breakfast, it is bed time.
Walking through Centennial Olympic Park as great: the color of the trees, artwork around, reminiscing about various games and the Athletes who participated in them.
Hanging out with Elias at night was a great time. Meeting many of his friends, and having lots of fun and laughter. The Czar bar was pretty cool. I really liked the frozen ice bar. It keeps the vodka cold. The bartender was really cool and quite flattered we called him Jimmy Graham all night. Thank you Elias for dinner, drinks and most importantly breakfast in the morning. Nothing like food before you go out and food after you go out, right bro!!
I’m beginning to enjoy Atlanta. Tomorrow is another big day. I get to take Elias to Sigma Nu house at Georgia Tech and to watch a Georgia Tech game anywhere in the stadium. Cannot wait.
Expenses: $38.74
Lunch: $8.10 (Noodle Cafe)
Coffee: $1.89 (Starbucks)
Beverage: $28.75 (Czar Ice Bar)