Travel Date: Saturday, Nov 15 2014

Elias and I woke up and lounged about the house and then drove to downtown Atlanta

We decided to park near his office building since finding parking during the tailgate was going to be difficult.

And then we began the 1 mile walk to the Sigma Nu House of the Gamma Alpha Chapter at Georgia Tech. For Elias walking 1 mile felt like eternity especially with a few elevated SMALL hills. Fortunately for me my legs were trained through the Camino. It was a little cold too.

And then we see it … the Sigma Nu House.

I meet up with a Sigma Nu Brother Joe. I met Joe at our National Fraternity events. He was a volunteer (Collegiate Grand Councilman) for a while and when I mentioned to him about my road travels, he told me to meet up with him in Atlanta.

After a couple of text messages over the past few days he hooked me and Elias up with passes (tickets) to the Georgia Tech and Clemson game. He had to work the game so he couldn’t attend.

By the way… these were not just any passes but ALL ACCESS passes. I’m so grateful for this. It was going to be RIDICULOUS.

Meet up with some fellow Desi brothers at the chapter.
I know this is going to come up later so I’ll mention it here: Desi = people ethnically from the Indian subcontinent.

And I get a full house tour from one of the candidates Anthony.

The alumni room

The main room where people can watch the game.

The view from outside the house overlooking downtown.

After a great tour, and socializing with many of the students and alumni, I head out with Elias to the stadium.

And we use our access pass to walk to the field and enjoy the formalities.

We walk around the field and decide to hang out there for a while.

Proof we were there!

Front row standing section near the cheerleaders. Not a bad section.

Decide to walk behind the football benches. But we aren’t allowed to linger there. My bad!

We decide to try some student stadium seating.

Time to walk to the jumbotron area and try out the big donor alumni seating section.

Not a bad view at all. We might watch the game here for a while.

But first we walk inside the reception area

And nourish our bodies with some free food.

And dessert and beverages.

We are loving our seats.

And the views

But it is getting cold so we decide to walk around the entire stadium. But first a visit to Joe to thank him for this generous treat.

I think we waited about a whole 10 minutes for that elevator to open the doors. And we couldn’t use the stairs. YEAH REALLY! I asked.

Finally at the top floor.

Checking out the press area.

And Joe working his magic.

The view of the field from Joe’s prospective.

We sit around for a while

And watch the game play out.

And then half time begins and the marching band comes out.

Then it is time to walk again and hit the other restrictive areas. I mean we have an All Access pass. Might as well use it. Along the way I find a breakdown of the various passes.

We visit the Club Level Suites.

And the President Suites

Darn. I wish I hadn’t eaten yet.

The presidential suite view.

All those loyal donors.

Back at the Press Level

To see Joe again.

One of the last plays of the game.

Georgia Tech Wins!

Yes people are storming the field.

A closer look.


I saw goodbye to Joe and thank him for the passes. I am not a Georgia Tech fan but Elias and I were rooting for the team and this experience with the Yellow Jackets was quite memorable.

Goodbye Yellow Jackets.

Everyone is in a cheerful mood.

We walk back to the Sigma Nu House

Everyone is celebrating the win!

I say goodbye to a few people and we head back to the car WALKING again. Poor Elias. At least he got his exercise in today. 🙂
Back at the house Cherrelle made an amazing chili. Despite eating numerous times at the stadium, I continued to eat more and more chili. Yes, it was that good.

And then we rest. Elias is EXHAUSTED. I’ve never seen him this tired before. I say my goodbyes to him and Cherrelle. And then head out to meet up with my childhood friend Morton in a different section of Atlanta.

Reunited with my twin brother Morton after a few years of not seeing each other. We were neighbors in Dubai and a couple of years ago reunited after a 13 year wait.

Morton, I and his friend Mindy head to an Irish bar Ri Ra and for a long night out.


Man, today was a great day!!

One last day with Elias in Atlanta and we get amazing passes to the Georgia Tech game. Joe, you are THE MAN. Seriously that was one of the best hookups ever. Not only did we go on the field, we walked from one end to the other, tried various seating places, including the free food and beer, and walking through the various suites across the stadium. Elias and I met and talked with many students and alumni at the stadium. It was quite the experience. For a day we felt proudly indoctrinated and willful participants of Yellow Jackets culture.

Also it was my first visit to a Sigma Nu House on my road trip across the country. I have seen a few of the houses from a distance but never walked into one. The guys were welcoming and fraternal. I enjoyed the camaraderie and so did Elias. He had very pleasant things to say about the house and the members especially not being a fraternal brother. Thank all the brothers for their hospitality, the Commander Spencer for his leadership, and candidate Anthony for my tour.

Elias and Cherrelle you both have been amazing hosts in Atlanta. I cannot thank you both enough for the great hospitality. Elias my homeboy thanks for coming out with me to the game and putting up with me for three nights. I suppose you will never walk with me again and instead tell me ‘Yeah bro, I’ll meet you there with my car.’

Morton, it was great to see you again after two long years. Can’t wait to hang out with you and Mindy on Sunday and catch up some more. Thanks for the shots and drinks at Ri Ra’s. Next time, please know my 35 year old body is not as young as yours. 🙂

Expenses: $16.00
Beverages: $16.00 (Ri Ra)