Travel Date: Sunday, Nov 16 2014

I told Morton in the morning I was perfectly content with doing nothing. So was he. 
After we got up, M&M (Morton & Mindy) and I hung outside his balcony overlooking the neighborhood. I love the trees.

We decided to go get some brunch at an Irish Pub relatively nearby: Olde Blind Dog. Great time to catch the Saints game.

There was a gentleman sitting in the center of a row of seats. We politely asked him if he could move one seats down to make room for us three but he refused. What a dick!

So we went all the way to the other end of the bar away from the TVs. And ended up sitting with a wonderful couple whom we bonded well with: Josh and Ashley.

All of us having a blast.

And now it is time for brunch.

I got the Traditional Irish Breakfast option.

Next up we decided to watch the movie: Gravity. Fortunately the theater was right next door: CineBistro.

Waiting in line to order tickets. There is a line???

Mort has his game face on.

Since the movie is going to be showing in an hour we decide to munch down on some popcorn at the bar. Yes, this theater has a bar too.

Finally we get to our seats.

I love this you can get food and drink service in the theater. And of course Mort orders a round of shots. So predictable – but I’m not driving not complaining.

After the movie we decide to get some take out Chinese food and enjoy relaxing at home.

See … our relaxing faces.

And shortly after the MSGs kick in, it is bed time. A perfect lazy way to spend Sunday with my best childhood friend Morton.


Today was what I needed. After always being on the go go in Atlanta for the past few days, it was nice to relax a little and not doing anything. The agenda ended up being: chill at a bar, movie, and at home with Chinese food with M&M (Morton and Mindy).

We (Morton and I) finally caught up on each other’s lives and what we envisioned in our near future. And I made some mental notes not to NEVER EVER watch a movie with Morton again. Unless of course I was watching Morton watch the movie.

Mort thank you for the Chinese food and the drinks. I didn’t need the shots but then again since I don’t do shots often I wasn’t going to complain when they are free. And, Mindy it was so great to meet you and hang out.

Expenses: $21.07
Brunch: $21.07 (Olde Blind Dog)