Travel Date: Monday, Nov 17 2014
I got up after Morton had left the house for work. And drove down the street to Starbucks. I should have walked, since it was less than half a mile away.
I decided today would be a blogging day. So I caught up on writing a lot of posts: in particular about my experience at the Grand Canyon and reverse hiking it. I think I spent about 10 hours at Starbucks.

Later in the evening Morton get backs from work and his roommate Nate gets back from his trip to Florida. Morton begins to play with Ruckus.

And then I have an idea. He really loves his toys and not will to let go. If you can’t beat them …
By the way, Nate’s favorite expression to Ruckus is ‘Calm down dude.’

And it is time to go out, pick up Mark, meet with their other friends, have a few beers and listen to some live music.

We head to the Tin Roof Cantina.

Ready for the Acoustic Showdown.

The first performance begins.

And then others follow.

We really aren’t paying attention. Just enjoying each others’ company and my panorama taking skills.

Perhaps our server should take a pic.

All that beer made me a little hungry.

It was great to see and hang out with Morton for three nights. Can’t really call him my best childhood friend since he feels like family. More like your loving and sometimes annoying little brother. πŸ™‚ Thanks for showing me a great time bro… look forward to spending more time with you wherever I end up – maybe in Atlanta.

It was great to run into Mark again.I met him when I was in Atlanta for a wedding. Morton was still in Kansas City and he co-ordinated a meetup between his good friends (me, Mark and Val). When good friends hang out it usually ends up in greater relationships. Hope to run into you in Florida as we travel there.

Finally, it was great to meet the other cast of Morton’s friends in Atlanta: Nathan, Rumix, and Kibria.

Tomorrow I jet off to Nashville, Georgia. Yes, there is a Nashville Georgia.

Expenses: $44.48
Coffee: $2.51 (Starbucks)
Lunch: $7.92 (Starbucks)
Dinner: $6.05 (Starbucks)
Dinner: $28.00 (Tin Roof Cantina)