Travel Date: Tuesday, Nov 18 2014
Got up in the morning and said goodbye to Morton. And headed to Starbucks to catch up on some more blogging. 

Around noon-ish I left Atlanta and headed over to Nashville, Georgia. Yes, Nashville in Georgia. Along the way I saw signs for a BBQ place (Georgia Bob’s BBQ) and decided to stop by for a late lunch.

Stocked up on the veggies and the sweet tea. And couldn’t finish the plate.

Hit the road back again and got to Joe’s house around 5 pm ish. Joe used to work for Sigma Nu HQ as a Leadership Consultant, and over the years we have worked on a few projects together. I inevitably see him around convention time for Sigma Nu events. The last time was this summer for the 66th Sigma Nu Grand Chapter in Nashville, Tennessee (not Georgia.)

After chatting for a while, we head out to a local vineyard.

Along the way we pass the many cotton fields in Georgia. I’ve actually never seen or been in a cotton field, and I have this sudden urge to pick cotton. But it is getting dark, so I’d best wait till tomorrow.

Immediately, I recall one of my favorite Indian comedians and his slaves – cotton field joke.

We reach Horse Creek Winery, the location by the interstate.

We get out and begin the festivities.

Cannot wait to try that.

Later we drive to the hopping downtown area and get some Tex-Mex food at Rancho Alegre. This place reminds me of Don Tequila, in Lexington. Cannot tell the difference in the food. I like the salsa here more.

I’m so grateful Joe got the queso dip.

Ready to each my dos chimichangas.

And then we head back to the house where I catch up on an episode of the Walking Dead.

Then it is time for bed. The plan for tomorrow is get up, breakfast, pick some cotton, and then head to a Vipassana Meditation Retreat Center in Jesup, Georgia.

It was great to see Joe again. Haven’t seen him since the Sigma Nu Grand Chapter in Nashville, Tennessee in the summer. We talked over the phone when I was working in San Francisco for the Oracle Convention and his conversation with me helped big time.

Talking to Joe, felt like old times and our many various conversations in my office. So good to see him. Thanks for the trip to the vineyard and for the dinner treat and a place to stay. Love the fact that we took down the TV and hooked up a projector to walk the walking dead. SOOO SICK!!!!

Expenses: $144.40
Coffee: $2.59 (Starbucks)
Gas: $27.00 (Marathon)
Lunch: $11.86 (Georgia Bobs BBQ)
Wine: $6.00 (Horse Creek Winery)
Supplies: $96.95 (Walmart) *Clothing and accessories for 10 day Vipassana Meditation