Travel Date: Wednesday, Nov 19 2014
After getting up, we headed out for breakfast to a diner called Huddle House.

Time to munch down on some breakfast.

I loved the bacon. Cooked just right!!

After heading back to the house, I pack up. Joe and I leave together because I really really really want to pick cotton in the fields of Georgia, and take a picture to prove it.

After following him for a while, we pull over in a relatively safe and isolated area and I begin my cotton picking.

I did leave the cotton there and didn’t take it with me. Didn’t want to be ‘stealing.’

I said my goodbyes to Joe and then drove to the Vipassana Retreat Center in Jesup, Georgia which was going to be according to my friends Stephanie and Bharat one of the toughest things you have ever experienced. Imagine meditating in silence for 10 hours everyday for 10 days straight with no ability to converse with human beings around you. I’m up for the mental challenge!!

Picking cotton was an interesting and weird experience. The fields are beautiful and watching the growth in different fields was kind of neat. And touching the cotton made me reflect more on the sensitive past of race relations and slavery in the United States.

It was great to spend breakfast with Joe and talk Sigma Nu, politics and plans for the future. Thank you Joe for the great hospitality, friendship, brotherhood and company. Look forward to seeing you again at the next Sigma Nu convention if not earlier.

Expenses: $19.85
Breakfast: $19.85 (Huddle House)