Travel Date: Sunday, Nov 30 2014
After leaving the Vipassana Meditation Center in Jesup, Georgia, my plan was to drive to Savannah. 
My two friends (Bharat and Stephanie) who have experienced about Vipassana Meditation told me that re-adjustment to the new world would be difficult and noisy. So to prepare myself I turned on the radio on the drive to Savannah.,
I go to the downtown are and parked near a Coffee Shop: The Coffee Fox.

Ordered some iced-coffee.

And some breakfast and started blogging about my experience at the Vipassana Meditation Center.

Every once in a while I would look ahead of me and notice the wall and the *Christmas decoration that would make me smile.

As I was sitting down I noticed a familiar face across the bar. It was Eduardo a friend of mine from Lexington who attended Law School at Washington & Lee Law. I said hello and it was a bizarre co-incidence. They were driving back home to Miami and decided to stop by and get some coffee because a friend had told them about this coffee shop. And I happened to be there just at that time they showed up. Synchronicity or co-incidence. Who knows? But it was a joyful experience seeing him and meeting his wife Cristina.

Around 4:30 PM I head over to the town of Richmond Hill. I meet my couchsurfing hosts: Sonya, Graham and their son Valentin. We have dinner and I bond with them over my travels and adventures across the States. My second couchsurfing family during my travels. Quite the hosts and such a treat.


It was definitely hard re-integrating into the world after 10 days of silence at the Vipassana Meditation Center in Jesup, GA. I was crying a couple of time reflecting back at my own life and all the misery that was self-inflicted based on my attachments to craving and aversion of material things and possessions, etc. The noise and the sounds of the coffee shop were definitely louder than I’ve noticed – sort of painful and annoying. I felt like telling everyone to quiet down but obviously I noticed my hearing was sharpened by the quietness of the center. I missed it already.

It was such a treat to see Eduardo and meet Christina and their baby. Can’t believe the co-incidence of running into him at a coffee shop after so many years of not seeing him. Funny how things work out. Maybe there is a purpose. I believe in synchronicity and the power of intention (prayer) and thought and its vibration influence.

My couchsurfing hosts were fabulous. I enjoyed our conversation about world travels and the dinner they prepared. Both Graham and Sonya have traveled overseas to countries I wish to visit so it was insightful to hear their take on things. Also we bonded over immigration (green card) stories. I am grateful for their generosity and companionship. Valentin, their son is one smart dude.

Breakfast: $7.96 (The Coffee Fox)