Travel Date: Monday, Dec 01 2014

My plan for the day was to check out the Bonaventure Cemetery because my friend Lara and a few people online suggested it and also my couchsurfing hosts friends. And then perhaps I would go downtown.

So I headed to Bonaventure Cemetery. According to their website: Bonaventure Cemetery was developed on the historically significant site of Bonaventure Plantation. The peaceful setting rests on a scenic bluff of the Wilmington River, east of Savannah. The site was purchased for a private cemetery in 1846 and became a public cemetery in 1907.

Ah the entrance gates. Reminds me of the limit gates at VMI: Virginia Military Institute.

Parked and took a few pictures.

This is the map of the cemetery.

And started walking.

The gravestone everywhere are diverse, different sizes, different families and very interesting.

Oh look a bench.

Jumped on to a different path.

King size gravestones 🙂 LOL

Is he a Sigma Nu?

That’s interesting!

I decided to walk close and peek inside. I like the stain glass image.

One more peek.

Interesting variety of stain glass images.

Really. You wanted something sharp and pointy?

And my favorite!

Julia was …

.. a runner!

I start to walk back to the car.

I like this gate.

I’ve realized I’ve taken too many pictures of the gravestones but not the trees.

I get back to the car and realize I forgot to stop by the Jewish Memorial, so I get in my car and drive there.

And then head out to downtown Savannah.


This was definitely one of those unique experiences that was quite peaceful and unexpected. I went into the cemetery thinking it was going to be creepy and it turned out it was quite peaceful and beautiful in an eerie sort of way.

I was one of a few people there. There was even a couple on a noticeable date. While walking I did a lot of walking meditation, attempting to silence the mind and be fully present. It was quite exciting.

The gravestones were unique and different. Quite a variety. I really enjoyed Julia the runner the most. She is a LEO like me. 🙂 And a role model. Living life on her terms. Would make one marathon winner and fellow runner Tim Sykes proud.

Julia Denise Backus Smith
August 12, 1946
December 22, 2003

Humble. Brave. Beautiful. Determined. Deep in her Faith.
Julie served her fellow man regardless of race, walk or worth.
Julie was her family’s rock.
She’s sorely missed. Dearly cherished.
Savannah’s fastest female runner.
Twenty-one races.
Two mountain ones.
Last marathon at age fifty-five.
Always setting her goals high.
Julie excelled in each endeavor.
Educator. County Commissioner.
Telfair Museum Trustee.
Historic Savannah Guide. Advocate.
Trail Blazer. AAU Swimmer.
Sail Enthusiast. Beauty Queen.

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