Travel Date: Monday, Dec 01 2014

Got up in the morning and headed to the Bonaventure Cemetery. Quite the unique experience.

I drive to downtown Savannah, park and begin walking. The first place I passed that was recommended to me by my friends Jeremy and Dominic was The Olde Pink House. It was also on the list of things to visit/do in each of the 50 states.

Unfortunately they weren’t serving until dinner time today, so I had to come back after 5 pm. Grrrr! Was hoping to get lunch here.

Kept walking around.

My friends: Shea and Charles recommended I check out the Moon River Brewing Company.

They must sell out quick during lunch time.

I ordered a sampler.

The place was practically dead.

I love their staff tees.

Ordered some lunch with my beer. Beer was quite good.

I found out talking to the bartender that I could walk around with my beer in Savannah downtown area as long as the container liquid was visible and I wasn’t a threat to myself or people. Good to know they have ‘open container lawlessness here.’

I decide to walk down the Historic steps with my beer. “USE AT OWN RISK.”

The Historic Steps led to the River Street which Lara suggested to check out.

Nice… A WWII memorial.

The River Front.

Proof of their ‘open container laws.’ I have the Moon River Porter.

It is absolutely delicious.

Old Ships

I walk around the River Front.

That is a really really really small alley.

Continue walking.

Notice the store Cadman told me about.

Cadman said to check out their ‘World Famous Pralines.’

I walk in and notice them lying about. The staff asks me if I want to sample some.

Why, of course I do. That’s just one piece of a big praline. I forgot to take a picture until I ate most of it. And it was quite delicious. Definitely lives up to the name: World Famous Pralines. But I still think my friend Lauren’s pralines I tasted in Baton Rouge was better!

I continue to walk down the River Front and notice Wet Willies. My friend Michelle told me to check it out and get a daiquiri.

Its practically empty. Then again it is a week day.

I try a few samples.

And decide to go with the Bob Marley.

Continue walking around the River Front.

Get to the end of the River Front.

And then walk back toward downtown through some of the cobble streets.

I passed by the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).

And then notice this car with waaaay too many car magnets/stickers or sorts.

I pass by a TV crew filming some movie.

My friend Michelle suggested visiting the First African American Church.

But unfortunately it was closed so I headed back to the Olde Pink House for dinner. Jeremy and Dominic spoke highly of it. Got to trust them 🙂

I get there early so I have to wait a bit. But finally I go to one of the bars since I don’t have a reservation.

I order an Old Fashioned. It wasn’t that great really.

I decide to not dine at the bar I am at, but go down a lower level. Quite romantic, quite and amazing.

I sit at the bar.

But I really want to sit here. Unfortunately I don’t have any company. 😦

I order the Crispy Scored Flouder with Apricot Shallot Sauce, Hoppin John. And it was amazing.

Photo with the flash. 

I forgot what these were.

Lots of darkness filled with candle light. Including at the bar!

After a delicious I am walking out

And notice the map of Savannah.

Take a picture of the regular dining area if you have reservations. They fill out quickly.

And then headed back to car. As I was walking back I see an ice-cream store: Leopold’s Ice Cream. I heard about it from various people I talked to, so I said “Why Not?”

Walk in.

Notice the cup of DIRTY spoons.

Decide to get the Chocolate Raspberry Swirl.

Find a seat.

Oh look an old Coca Cola machine!

Enjoy the history lesson about The Leopold’s Legacy and most importantly my ice cream. It was tasty.

I head back to Richmond Hill. My couchsurfing hosts: Sonya and Graham. They have a friend over Tana. We all socialize with some fun conversation. Turns out Tana is a Hasher (Hash Hound Harrier) so we talk about hasging nicknames, and my lack of one.

Graham and Sonya love to collect beer glasses from all over the world.

Graham has one with an interesting war story. If you are wondering, the Airborne beer actually goes with the helmet shaped bowl.

After Tana leaves, Sonya, Valentin and I sit down and watch a movie: Peaceful Warrior. It is one of my favorites and filled with nuggets of wisdom.

And then it is bed time. Tomorrow I go back to Savannah for a short period of time and then drive off to Statesboro, Georgia to visit a friend from college.

Today was quite a packed day of various experiences.

First the Bonaventure Cemetery suggestion thanks to Lara. And then the Moon River Brewing company suggestion by Shea and Charles. That was a great suggestion. I loved their porter. Walking around downtown and the River Front with a beer in an open container was amazing. FREEDOM.

The pralines was delicious. Thank you Cadman. And the Bob Marley daiquiri got me a little tipsy. Thank you Michelle. Seeing the First African American Baptist Church was neat; however, it was closed so was a little bit of a downer.

Dining at the Olde Pink House was an amazing experience. Their old fashioned sucked, but the food was delicious and ambiance in the basement was romantic. Too bad I was there by myself. Great suggestion Jeremy and Dominic.

Leopold’s Ice Cream store was a nice treat. The ice cream was delicious and I loved the old Coca Cola vending machine.

Finally hanging out with Sonya, Graham and Valentin was a great time again. They are great hosts. Cannot thank them enough for their generosity and hospitality. And it was great to meet and talk to Tana as well. I enjoyed hearing about her spiritual adventures and awakenings.

Expenses: $123.53
Gas: $28.30 (BP)
Beverages: $28.87 (Moon River)
Beverages: $8.00 (Wet Willie’s)
Beverages: $15.30 (The Olde Pink House)
Dinner: $38.05 (The Olde Pink House)
Icecream: $5.01 (Leopold’s Icecream)