Travel Date: Thursday, Dec 04 2014

After getting some maintenance work done on my car I headed to St. Petes (St. Petersburg)

Marcus and Mary suggested visiting The Dali Museum. A few other friends (Anthony and Alice) also suggested so with 4 suggestions I was definitely going there.

I got there early and there was a line at the door. A large group of Senior citizens.

We finally enter, and after playing my entry ticket, I decide to take the staircase instead of waiting for the elevator. I beat all the senior citizens to the top floor.

I love the view from inside The Dali Museum.

Time to see the exhibits.

All about Salvador Dali … if you can read it.

This was one on my favorite pieces.

From up close it is a gala contemplating the Mediterranean Sea

Walk away from it at 20 meters and it becomes a pixelated version of Abraham Lincoln.

I then went into the other wing on the top floor. Photography as not allowed. I didn’t appreciate the art as much as the first exhibit of Dali though.

I then walked downstairs to the theater to watch some of the rolling footage of the paintings. It got very very boring so I left shortly after.

Next up was a visit to the Raymond James Community Room where Students artworks are posted.

This was my favorite one: by Kacy Ross in 8th Grade. Talented!

I was nearing the 2 hour mark so I headed back to the car. Didn’t want to get a parking ticket for free 2 hour street parking and beside I had seen everything in the Dali Museum by now.

My friend Danielle suggested that I go by the Coffeepot Bayou and check out the dolphins and manatees. So I drove by there… or at least what I think was Coffeepot Bayou (since it didn’t show up on GPS)

And no bueno (no good).  It was beautiful and slightly cold for the manatees in Tampa. After and looking online and asking the locals for other options in the nearby area I discovered that I was a month late for manatee viewing season. Bummer!

I would like to afford those houses across the water someday.


Mary, Marcus, Anthony and Alice were spot on for recommending The Dali Museum. It is quite good although a little pricey for the small exhibits. I went to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in NYC and it was about the same price. But still the Dali exhibit itself was quite remarkable.

Thank you all for your suggestions. And yes you too Danielle even though it didn’t work out.

Next stop: Fort de Soto Park also highly recommended by Marcus and Mary.

Expenses: $24.00
The Dali Museum: $24.00