Travel Date: Wednesday, Dec 03 2014
Drove from Gainesville to Tampa, and got to Marcus’s new home at about the same time. Marcus, is past Sigma Nu Headquarters staff. We had very few interactions while on staff but it was great to be offered a helping hand out of the blue and when I needed it the most.

We headed out to a local taco bus stop. They take old school buses and renovate them with a kitchen.

Choices … choices … choices

Yeah baby, we are excited about getting some tacos.

We finally decide on our orders.

Got them and drove home.

Time to munch down

And some home made cookies.

And then a bottle of wine.

Cheers to great company with Marcus, Mary, their son Grant ….

And their dog: Winnie the scaredy pooh. 🙂


It was fantastic to see Marcus again. We weren’t very close during his time on staff since we had a few interactions. When he found out I was coming to Tampa he offered me a place to stay and I took him up on it. I really was finding it hard to find a place to stay and in authentic Sigma Nu fashion he offered a helping hand. What are brothers and fraternity for, right?

It was great to catch up with him and Mary and meet their son Grant. We talked about the mutual staff members we knew. Didn’t know Gabe was their son’s godfather and Snitzky was dating Mary’s sister. Wow, it feels like that I’m totally disconnected to these happenings. Talking about past staff conjured some great memories of times with Marcus, Gabe, Snitzky and the gang.

They gave me some great suggestions of things to do in the Tampa area. Looking forward to seeing more of Tampa and St. Petes tomorrow.

Expenses: $32.46
Dinner: $8.00 (Taco Bus Stop)
Wine: $22.46 (ABC)