Travel Date: Friday, Dec 05 2014
I left Marcus home early about the time he headed out to work and began the drive to Miami. But first have to pick up some rations: donuts and coffee.
Was driving through the Florida Panther Life Refuge. Yes, I said Panthers. Look closely at the road sign.

And the Everglades Wildlife Management Area.

No sightings of alligators or crocodiles though.

I entered up in Miami, and decided to head over to a coffee shop near a mall.

Walked in and everyone was talking Spanish. I loved it. I ordered coffee in English though.

Finally after knocking off a few blogs, I received a call from AJ and headed over to his place.

AJ was an intern for a few months at Sigma Nu HQ; that is how we met. He also happens to be Sigma Nu Man of the Year (2006) and deserving so. We had reconnected into each other at the 66th Grand Chapter in Nashville, Tennessee and mentioned that was traveling and coming to Miami.

He lives with his girlfriend Sarah. The view from their apartment in downtown Miami is AMAZING!

We change and head out for dinner in the Brickell area at a restaurant called Delores BUT YOU CAN CALL ME Lolita. Not jokes; that is what it is called.

You have your very own Guest Bill of Rights that is clearly outlined as you enter.

We sit down and get some wine.


I got the soup.

And forgot what this was but it was delicious.

Sarah and AJ have to go watch a play or musical or something near so I decide to walk to a nearby Irish bar called Fado in Brickell. After their play we all end up hanging out at popular local bar Blackbird Ordinary and enjoy a few beverages while catching up and meeting some locals.

It was getting late and past my bed time so we leave to pick up a late night snack.

And then home.

Man, it is good to be in Miami, FL. As soon as I walked into the coffee shop I came alive hearing the Latin American dialects and seeing the diversity and culture. I love love love it. Reminds me a lot about Spain.

It was great to see AJ again. It doesn’t feel long since we ran into each other at Grand Chapter and it was nice to meet and get to know Sarah more: beautiful woman, and wonderful personality. I met Sarah once when AJ first received his Sigma Nu Man of the Year award although it was briefly. Those two are a good pairing.

There is nothing like chatting and reminiscing about the Sigma Nu Days back at staff and the one famous basketball game where Justin and AJ got overly competitive. Great memories. I think I am going to like Miami a lot. AJ and Sarah have been great hosts so far and thank you for picking up the dinner. Food was delicious.

Cannot wait for the next day!!

Expenses: $191.80
Donuts and Coffee: $4.06 (Dunkin Donuts)
Gas: $29.10 (Mobil)
Parking: $60.00 (Valet parking for 3 nights at AJs)
Beverages: $42.00 (Fado)
Beverages: $56.64 (Blackbird Ordinary)