Travel Date: Friday, Dec 06 2014
After I got up in the morning, I walked outside to see the view in the daylight and it was gorgeous. They really stay in a wonderful location in downtown Miami.

AJ was working out those BIG GUNS of his at the gym, so Sarah and I headed over to pick up him.

Headed over to Coconut Grove to a restaurant called Green Street Cafe, but there was a long wait.

So we ended up walking around the shops in the nearby area, and walked into one of the stores that AJ and Sarah’s friend’s works at: Isabel Riera. The girls are busy doing ‘shopping’ – Isabel actually works there.

We might as well take a break, and relax.

After leaving the store we walk around. They run into one of the friends Josh driving his Vespa across the street and we invite him for lunch with us.

Oh that looks really really good. But unfortunately it turned out to be not my omelette but Josh’s. Next time right!

The drive back is filled with traffic. Welcome to Miami.

We get home, change into beach wear and head out on the overhead tram.

This is the place where another of AJ’s friends David lives. Ridiculous!! It has its own volleyball court

Two pools

A view overlooking the American Airlines Arena – where the Miami Heat play – and downtown Miami.

What’s my yatch doing there?

AJ is practicing his basketball skills for volleyball.

The guys (David, Wayne and AJ) get their game together.

I decide to just relax in the shade on the other side of one of the pools. I’m already dark, and don’t need any more sun. 

The sun slowly begins to set.

Time for AJ and Sarah to pack up.

But first I want to grab a few panoramic shots of the area during the sunset.

We head back to their condo.

Stop by the marketplace inside their apartment complex.

To get some Cuban coffee.

This shit is strong. Who needs five hour energy?? This has got me wired already. And SOO DELICIOUS!

We change to go towards South Beach in Miami Beach. Before we leave I head upstairs with AJ to catch a view of downtown at night. I am surprised that I actually caught all those lights through the iPhone.

We head to SoBe (South Beach) and walk around the Lincoln Road Mall, looking at the various stores and getting directions (kidding).

Decide to eat at Balans.


Now now AJ, its not all for you.

The pita and hummus are really good.

Was hoping the Thai Curry dish I got would be a little spicer but it was still tasty.

Time to catch a ride to Ocean Drive!

This ride has the volume up on HIGH and it is jamming!!


We get out and walk around on Ocean Drive.

We enter a live entertainment venue called Mango’s Tropical Cafe for nightly Latin music… and bar top dancing!

I order a $15.51 drink with 20% tip included. I’m definitely in South Beach where everything is overpriced and expensive. At least the drink was good.

Group picture.

Michael Jackson comes to the stage. I thought he died?

Later we head on home back to the crib.

Time for AJ to be goofy and eat his yogurt.

And then it is bed time.


Today I got a more residential feel for Miami. Brunch at Coconut Grove was great. Meeting AJs and Sarahs friends: Josh, Isabel, David and Wayne was a nice touch to meet friends of friends.

David’s place is out of this world. I love the volleyball court – although I didn’t play – and the pool(s)  – although I didn’t swim/or dip in. The surrounding views of Miami from his place was incredible.

One of the highlights of my day was trying out the Cuban coffee. It was very strong and just delicious. I definitely need to get some more of that while I’m here.

Finally going to SoBe was interesting. I observed the superficiality of South Beach. Everyone was dressed and beautiful. Image is definitely was the name of game in this part of Miami. Dinner and company was great. I just enjoyed people watching with AJ and Sarah for the rest of the evening. The performances at Mango’s was good although after a while the loud music and expensive drinks just got old.

Have to say that so far I’ve definitely enjoyed Miami. Thank you AJ and Sarah for showing me around for the entire day. It was great to meet new people, have dinner and drinks with you, try Cuban coffee for this first time, and experience the much talked about South Beach, Miami Beach area.

And the best part is I still have one more day left of Miami and am very much excited to see what hides behind day number 3.

Expenses: $84.39
Lunch: $16.84 (Greenstreet Outdoor Lounge)
Dinner: $42.04 (Balkans Lincoln Road)
Beverages: $15.51 (Mangos)
Cover: $10.00 (Mangos)