Travel Date: Sunday, Dec 07 2014

After leaving AJ and Sarah I got into my car and headed to South Beach. There was a lot of traffic due to the raised bridge. Probably someone’s yatch.

I was planning to meet my friend Milan at the Indian Creek Hotel now the Freehand Hostel. I didn’t know there were Hostels in South Beach.

I walk in, and yes it looks inviting just like a hostel.

I head over to the bar

Get the bartender to make me a good concoction.

That looks really really good.

A nice sign that made me chuckle.

And then I meet Milan and we walk together to the pool party. It is a charity event called the Swig and Swine Pool Party. All you can drink punch and all you can eat pork for $30.00. SOLD! Now, I’m thinking why did I get that concoction???

First up is getting some swig.

My boy Milan. We met at the Vipassana Meditation Center in Jesup, Georgia. We weren’t allow to talk for 10 days, and I guess we bonded over not talking. One the last day everyone was chatty and a few of us grew in friendship quickly. I told him I was heading to Miami, and it would be nice if we could reconnect while I was down there.

We walk around the pool party and Milan knows everyone. He is MR. POPULAR. One would think the party is for him.


I try some spicy pork.

Get in my belly.

The good stuff is about to be cooked.

As the evening falls and Milan has to leave and go to work. I wish him well and carry on being merry.

And there is an artist working his magic.

I walk around and sit down with a group of new people and make some new friends with Stephanie, Nick and Vanessa.

My body clock is shutting down, and I’m ready to call it a night early and head on home. Vanessa and Stephanie need a ride to their home so we drive through the Venetian Causeway and the little expensive islands that it connects to. Of course this is a toll booth causeway that doesn’t take cash or credit so I’m going to have to wait for a bill in the mail. Hopefully it will not be like my New York toll experience.

It was great to see Milan. It was about a week since we last saw each other but a lot of time had passed since the end of the Vipassana Meditation Retreat. We traded stories of how it has helped us and caught up on each others lives and future plans.

I really liked the Freehand Hostel setup and the Pool Party. The dive bar was great, drink was also good, and the company was fun. It was great to meet Nick, Vanessa and Stephanie. Hopefully in the future I will run into them again in NYC.

The world is small if you think it is.

Expenses: $46.92
Beverages: $12.17
Beverages: $30.00
Tolls: $4.75