Travel Date: Sunday, Dec 07 2014
AJ, Sarah and I head out for Brunch in the morning to Morgans in the Midtown/Wynwood area.

And then a domestic dispute broke out. 🙂

After things calmed down we ordered and got our food.

I ordered the Benedict Burger: ham, poached egg, hollandaise on a brioche bun. It was very very good … scratch that. It was delicious.

After lunch we walk across the street to the Art Basel showing in the Midtown/Wynwood area. I met Shelly in Atlanta who told me to check it out when I was in Miami – and fortunately I’m in an area that has some showings.

As we walk around there are so many murals. I liked this one. Note: I am a PC guy who owns an iPhone (but not for long).

There is a showing area in the distance.

Art everywhere

The Time Capsules collection by Peter Tunney

More art outdoors.

There were my favorites

Definitely need a group picture.

We leave the showing and walk around towards out car.

More street graffiti mixed in with great artwork

A traditional piece: Johnny Cash

After the art showing we drive over to Versailles Bakery in Little Havana. They serve Cuban food here – if it wasn’t obvious.

I’m dying for some authentic Cuban coffee

We stand in a short line for take out coffee.

Our cute server sees all of us and immediately looks at Sarah and starts speaking Spanish really really quickly and leaves. We are look at each other in a moment of surprise and laugh – none of us understood her or speak Spanish fluently. She comes back later from the bathroom. It appears it was an emergency.

We got our cortaditos and a colada (I think). I’m stoked with excitement.

On the drive back home, we were waiting to make a left turn a guy in a electric wheelchair cuts us off in the middle of the road to make his left turn first. So amusing. Even the car ahead of us is PROBABLY shocked.

We get stuck behind him for a little stretch. He is oblivious to everyone around him.
After passing ‘wheelchair guy’ we head on home. I have to head out to South Beach to meet up with another friend in the area. So I change and head out for a Swig and Swine Pool Party in South Beach.

When I get back from South Beach, I’m exhausted. AJ and Sarah get back a little later from dinner with their friends. And I call it an early night. A friend of mine lets me know she just got to South Beach but I’m exhausted and ready to sleep.

It was a long day and a good day.


Brunch at Morgans, walking around in Art Basel Wynwood and the Cuban Coffee experience with our Cuban server and wheelchair guy made for funny moments and great experiences while I was in Miami.

I cannot thank and appreciate my hosts AJ and Sarah enough for the wonderful time I had in Miami. My favorite city so far on my travel list was San Diego. But the fantastic experience of my time in Miami has definitely shot it up to the top of the list. San Diego is now a very close second. Thank you AJ and Sarah. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Miami, I shall return!

Expenses: $25.60
Lunch: $25.60