Travel Date: Monday, Dec 08 2014

While walking towards the Marine Park in Key West I saw the Butterfly & Nature Conservatory, and decided check it out. 

A really welcoming sign once you walk in the door.

Walk through the first set of doors for orientation.

And then the nature conservatory filled with butterflies everywhere.

I guess they like fruit.

Not butterflies… but Carribean Flamingos. I know it is really HARD to tell the difference between butterflies and flamingos. 🙂

Their names are Rhett and Scarlett but I cannot tell them apart from each other.

Birds.. they pretty much run away from you. One came really really close though. And they cannot fly.

More fruit.

Panoramic views.

And I’m done.


At first I was debating whether I should go to the Butterfly & Nature Conservatory. I’ve been to one before in Roanoke, Virginia (although it wasn’t great) but then again I had time to spend and I figure since I’m here I might as well taken in the experience.

Was it worth it??? Yes it was – if you like pretty stuff.

Expenses: $12.90
Ticket: $12.90 (The Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory)