Travel Date: Wednesday, Dec 10 2014

After arriving from Dry Tortugas, I drove back to the BO’s Fish Wagon since a few of the local suggested it for good local food.

Looks like quite the shack.

Unfortunately the local catch of the day was not there, so I asked the cook for the next best thing.

The PO Boy was tasty but not out of this world. I guess I have really really high standards. 🙂 But I was full and happy.

I then texted my friend Marat who was in Key West and we agreed to meet up at Fogarty’s.

Marat and I met though one of my childhood friends Morton. Morton at the time was considering moving to Atlanta and I met up with his best friend Val and her boyfriend is Marar. So Marat and his buddies are out and about.

After drinks at Fogarty’s we bounce around to various locations.

They grab a hot dog from one of the local stands. I am full.

And then we up to a nudist bar called Garden of Eden.

It is nudist optional and well there were a few people up there who were nude and dancing. Quite the spectacle.

We play this silly Bull Game to prove our manliness to each other.

Fortunately, I don’t perform too far off from the eventual winner. And definitely not in last place.

And then we hit a few other provocative spots. We lose some of the guys, and then Marat and I decide to head back. I go back to my car and decide to sleep in the car for the night. Didn’t feel like paying $50.00 for the Seaside Motel for their accommodations.

It was great to get some fried food in my belly and also great to see a familiar face on my trip to Key West. Marat and buddies were great company. I can’t wait to hang out with Marat again on our travel adventures. He seems to be a I-want-to-travel-more kind-of-person.
Sleeping in my car was not a necessity, and fortunately it was going to be the last time I do it. I’ve got a place to stay on my travels from here on out.
Expenses: $60.18
Dinner: $20.68 (BO’s Fishwagon)
Beverages: $14.00 (Fogartys)
Beverages: $9.00 (Rick’s Keywest)
Beverages: $16.50 (Teasers)