Travel Date: Thursday, Dec 11 2014

After leaving Oscar I headed out to Deerfield Beach to reunite with my high school friend Yonnas. We both went to St. Mary’s Catholic High School in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The last time we had seen each other (after 13 or so years) was at Lara and Kim’s wedding. We also went to high school with Lara.

His son Eli is the master of the video games in the household. Don’t try to take the controls from him.

He loves this game.

After a few beers we order some Brazilian take out food. I’ve never had Brazilian take out before.

Everyone is munching down.

After dinner, Yonnas and his wife Christina set up the Christmas tree.

Turns out the putting up a Christmas tree is quite exhausting. So Yonnas requests a beverage break.

And I learn that this grown ass man is still a child at heart. Love it Yonnas. Love it!!!


After dinner we catch up with lots of conversation about high school, my recent travels: Key West and the Dry Tortugas National Park and my future plans. Also catch up talking about all the fun stuff that happened to both of us since Lara’s wedding including the excitement that our mutual friend Shaun and his girlfriend Chrissy were expecting. Fast forward to today they have a beautiful little girl.

Time for bed. Tomorrow I have a long drive to Jacksonville to see another high school friend with a couple of stops in between.


Christina and Yonnas, thank you for opening your home, family, and treating me with wonderful Brazilian food. Quite the treat. But nothing tops hanging out with Eli of course and watching him show me how to play the video game. A second honorable is watching Yonnas putting up the Christmas tree!!

It was fantastic to catch up on old times and our mutual experiences since Lara’s wedding. So great to hear that Shaun and Chrissy are expecting (now parents).

Expenses: $0.00