Travel Date: Thursday, Dec 11 2014
After I woke up in the morning – in my car – I drove out to Sandy’s Cafe in Keywest for some Cuban Coffee. Note: they only take cash.

Everything looks authentic. And tastes pretty good.

I then head back out towards Miami, Florida.

On the way there, I pull over before the Bahia Honda Rail Bridge

There it is the Bahia Hona Rail Bridge.

Even the moon is out.

The drive to Miami was long. I stopped again in Homestead to get some gas and then met up with Roberto (Tito). I originally stayed with him on my travels when I was visiting New Jersey. Since then he had relocated to Miami, and since I was cutting through I decided to meet up with him.

After I got to his place, I dropped my stuff off on his floor near the door and took a much needed shower. Sleeping in your car has its limitations. After I came out his dog apparently liked the odor of my Dry Tortugas and Key West towel that she decided to bathe herself it is scent. Bitches like me!

Roberto has a few friends from Mexico and Spain in town coming to see him as well – quite the popular guy – so we all head out to downtown Miami.

We decided to eat at a Peruvian restaurant: Cvi.Che 105 in the Downtown Miami area.

First up some cocktails.

And then a traditional Peruvian drink: Pisco Sour

Cheers to us: A Bolivian (Roberto), an Indian (me), a Mexican (Julio), and a Spaniard (Lucas) …

4 different nationalities having Peruvian drinks in Spanish speaking Miami. One more reason I should master Spanish: to connect with people from other countries in their own native tongue.

We order some ceviche: after all we are a restaurant called Cve.Che 105.

It was truly amazing. AMAZING!

And then the main shared course.

I was full, but not full enough to eat some more delicious food.

After lunch/early dinner, we head back outside and pick up our cars from the valet. I said goodbye to Tito, and my new friends Julio and Lucas and then head to meet another friend in Weston, Florida.

Sleeping in my car wasn’t that bad. I got up early due to the road traffic noise. Drinking Cuban coffee was worth it in the morning. It wasn’t as good as the Versailles restaurant in Little Havana but good enough to get me going.

It was fantastic to see Roberto and hang out. Meeting his friends Lucas and Julio was great. As I was sitting at the amazing Peruvian restaurant trying Peruvian food and traditional cocktails for the first time I realized that it was an international event. A Bolivian, Indian, Mexican and Spaniard walk into a restaurant, and eat and drink Peruvian food in cosmopolitan Miami. It truly was a melting pot experience of the United States of America.

And it was the best ceviche I have ever had. It was better than the main entree.

Thank you Tito for the amazing experience and story once again and being an awesome host and friend. And it was great to share this experience with your friends: Lucas and Julio.

Expenses: $74.98
Coffee: $3.00 (Sandy’s Cafe)
Gas: $16.32 (Murphy Gas)
Lunch: $45.66 (Ceviche)
Valet: $10.00 (Ceviche)