Travel Date: Friday, Dec 12 2014

After leaving St. Augustine, I drove a few miles to Jacksonville, Florida to reunite with my high school buddy Savio. We both grew up and went to St. Mary’s Catholic High School together in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 
He recently got married in New Orleans during my travels, and fortunately I was able to attend his wedding and meet Beth.
Finally get to really spend extended time with him at his home. I try out some of that special Knob Creek he favored out for the wedding. Good stuff!

He loves the kitchen, and gets cracking at the stove top.

Those spring rolls are delicious.

His wife, Beth gets the brussel sprouts going.

What?? You’re serving me lobster tails and steak??? Holy $#&%. I feel like a king.

Getting out the potatoes from the grill.

Almost done.

I’m really excited about dinner.

Time to munch down with Beth, Savio and their friend Jill. We catch up on a lot of stuff during the wedding, after the wedding, my travels to see our mutual friends, high school stuff, and talk about the future. And I finally get to talk to Beth. I only briefly met her at the wedding. She is awesome!

After dinner Savio tends to fatherly duties. He is a natural dad with their new born son Grant.


It is great to see Savio and get to know Beth more. She is good for him. Savio and I have a special relationship. We both went to high school and college together and at one point were considering the same school North Georgia College, but we ended up both in Louisiana. He at Louisiana Tech and I at Nicholls State and in all those years we never stayed in touch.

Dinner was amazing. Lobster tails, steak, brussell sprouts and baked potato with lots of Knob Creek. It was great conversation at the dinner table and catching up on lots of friends and what they are doing. Thank you Savio and Beth for that… and hosting me for a few days. I’m very very grateful.

I’m also looking forward to relaxing for a few days. My travels across the States are getting close to being over – about a week and a half left (10 days) – and I am feel a little bit of a burnout. And I picked the right company to relax with.

Expenses: $0.00