Travel Date: Saturday, Dec 13 2014
In the morning we got up and headed out for brunch. 

Savio mentioned that I MUST absolutely try Maple Street Biscuit Company.

He wasn’t joking. With a turnout like this, you know they have are likely to have a GREAT breakfast.

Savio whispers in my ear just get the “The Five and Dime.” I didn’t really argue with him. 🙂

One of their staffers come by and takes early orders.

And it is community style seating.

That is my brunch. My mouth is already salivating.

Time to chow down.

After brunch, we head home to setup their Christmas tree.

A D’cruz family effort.

Trying to get the Star on the top to stop leaning.

My contribution to the tree.

All done, and the star is straight, right? Right??

Later in the afternoon, we head out to their friends (Jacob and Betsy’s) house. Jacob with his friend Miles has started his own sauce company Bandersauce Company and has a food truck service The Butt Hutt Smokehouse that caters to the Jacksonville area. And I was about to have home cooked service.

The first display was their assortment of sauces.

And the smoked pig.

Oink Oink. I do feel a little sad for it. But that doesnt last long.

We walk out to their backyard …

… where they raise their own chickens. Nice!! I like Jacob and Betsy’s locally grown style already.
We have oysters. And they are from VIRGINIA!!!

And a fire pit.

Back in the kitchen the boys with some help get to working.

Most of that pork is peeled off.

Miles goofing off.

I go back outside for appetizers. I’m hungry for some oysters.

We have the option of cold or roasted. I’ll take the roasted option.


The entire crew enjoying the  weather. I love this weather for December. It is too cold in Virginia. And in 9 days I will be there. Ugh!

Dinner is ready to be served.

Yeah… I wasted no time getting my plate stocked. And I went back for seconds for an assortment of sauces. I really really liked two of them. The other two that I tried were good but not great.

Jacob is mixing one of his concoctions. Forgot what it was called.

I’m quite excited about it.

I have no idea what Savio and Jacob were doing, but it was hilarious to watch – and take pictures of.

Man that pork was good. Sauces better. I recommend checking them out in Jacksonville area:
Bander Sauce Company and Butt Hutt Smokehouse. And they will bring the food truck to your house party as well. Less for you to cook and clean up.

After dinner we head back home, and Savio shows off his in home theater system. Came with the house, and Yes it is SICK! We watch 47 Ronin.


Those Maple Street Biscuits were amazing! I wasn’t sure if I was going to be as amped as Savio was about the Biscuits since I’m not a huge fan of biscuits for breakfast, but when I saw the line I knew the restaurant definitely had merit. I love the community style seating and atmosphere and yes the food was delicious. Savio hit the nail on the head with his recommendation. Thanks for the great brunch treat Sav.

Little did I know that the Jacksonville food experience was just starting. Going to Jacob’s and Betsy’s house was a retreat. I love that they grow their own herbs and raise their own chickens. That is awesome.

And the pork, sauces, and oysters were just out of this world. I was feel very grateful for such a ridiculously delightful experience. Jacob and Miles you really out did yourself’s. Now I have to worry about starving and slimming down after all that deliciousness that I ate. Thank you and hope your company does well, although I have no doubt that will succeed.

Savio and Beth… you’ve endowed me today with a foodie experience and a full stomach. A treat to great brunch in the late morning, and amazing company and food for dinner. And in home theater experience at night. Can I just move to Jacksonville and live in your home for life?? Thanks for an amazing Day 2 in Jacksonville.

Expenses: $0.00