Travel Date: Sunday, Dec 14 2014

Savio told me we were having quesadillas for breakfast. No complaints here!

Nom nom nom!!!

I open my Christmas gift and it is a peanut butter chocolate figure. That is provide enough of sugar rush when I need it on the road.

For lunch we head out to nearby area Mayport. Savio, Beth, and I are planning to meet George and his wife Krissy, and their new born too. George, I and Savio went to high school together in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I met up with George at his hotel before we all went to Savio’s wedding together. It was great union then, and it sure is exciting to see them again.

They both (Savio & Beth, and George & Krissy) have new borns. And George hooked up Savio and Beth with their home. So if you are looking for realty properties in the Jacksonville area give George a call. Savio’s and Beth’s place is ridiculously amazing!

Safe Harbor Seafood Market and Restaurant is well known in the area as the best place to get fresh seafood.

We walk inside.

Decisions … decisions … decisions.

George ordered an appetizer as well. Forgot what it was – but it was pretty good.

I order the Mayport Chowder. Tasty.

And the Mayport blackened shrimp basket, which was just okay. After looking at George’s crab cake sandwich, I think I would have loved that better.

All of us, three boys who grew up Dubai, and have now settled in the U.S.of.A. Sitting with them, talking about our life situation, knowing where we all came from, gives me perspective and allows me to be thankful for the good things that have happened in my life. We all caught up on various things, life, babies, and chatted about people in high school that we haven’t seen in ages and also those at Savio & Beth’s wedding in New Orleans.

After dinner we grab a few pictures for the scrapbook before departing and heading home.

I know … that is sooo staged and goofy.

When we get home, Savio and I head towards the couch, lounge about just watch some good ole American Football, and get into some interesting and silly debates about football. Guys just being guys.

For dinner, Beth is planning to whip up a cheeseburger pizza. Okay… I am intrigued now.

First cook the beef.

Then make the dough.

Apply the sauce, pickles, onions, beef.

Then toss the cheese all over.

The final stage, toss it in the oven.

Never had cheeseburger pizza, and have to admit it tastes exactly like cheeseburger. I might have to steal that receipe for one of those lazy days when I want to make something simple and easy. Great stuff Beth.


It was great to hang out with my two high school friends today, and their wives and new borns. I felt like we are all a different stage of life together. Well, I should say them. I’m still single, unemployed, and don’t have any kids that I know of (kidding of course). πŸ™‚

I will have to Safe Harbor a second try in the future. I was not sold primarily because I didn’t think my blackened shrimp was great. It was good. But George’s crab cake looked out of this world. And the appetizer he ordered was good too. Another time Safe Harbor.

Thank you Savio and Beth for three amazing days, of opening your home, hosting me and taking me around treating me to various foods, experiences, and meeting your friends. Thank you George and Krissy for making the time to come out and make this experience better. It is always great to reconnect with people from high school.

Expenses: $21.78
Lunch: $21.78 (Safe Harbor Restaurant)