Travel Date: Friday, Dec 12 2014
I left the National Navy UDT-Seal Museum and decided to stop through St. Augustine since everyone on facebook was suggesting to visit it before going to Jacksonville.

Got to St. Augustine and parked.

This town has the old and beautiful look. I can see why people recommend it a lot and also warn that it is a tourist trap.

I come across the city map.

There is seriously a lot historic stuff to see in this town, but I don’t have a lot of time.

I continue walking and let my intuition be my guide.

I come across the Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine.

Walking through the front doors, you notice that the interior is being restored.

The Atlar.

A chapel on the side.

I walk outside.

And head across the street to the Government House Museum

Time to see the First Colony: Our Spanish Origins Exhibit (La Primera Colonia: Nuestros Origenes Espanoles)

I purchase a ticket. Although, I wish it were free.

In 1565, long before English settlements at Jamestown and Plymouth Rock, Spaniards founded St. Augustine. Along with Native Americans and free and enslaved Africans, they established the country’s first enduring European settlement. Discover the first colony through archaeology, history and the stories of people who lived there in this hands-on, interactive exhibition. These first colonial immigrants created America’s original “melting pot” – a colorful, multi-cultural society that was new then, but might seem familiar today.
Source: brochure

That was an amazing history lesson of Florida’s origins. I leave the museum and walk around.

And then walk towards the fortress: Castillo de San Marcos, a National Monument.

St. Augustine is quite beautiful and touristy. I definitely need to come back and visit for a little longer. There is so much Spanish history to appreciate here and so much to witness. I will also have to find out where the locals eat to avoid the touristy traps.

The First Colony Museum at the Government House was a great history lesson in learning about why St. Augustine is called the First Colony. Fantastic experience and definitely affordable pricing.

Expenses: $33.65
Gas: $25.18 (Sunoco)
Museum: $8.47 (First Colony)