Travel Date: Tuesday, Dec 16 2014
I left Lara and Kim when they headed out to work, and drove to Asheville, North Carolina. I’ve heard so much about this tiny town in the mountains. Time to experience it.
On the way there I decide to indulge in my Christmas gift from Savio and Beth. Poor guy doesn’t stand a chance. Nom nom nom.

I drive to meet the couchsurfer I plan to stay with. I find a coffee shop nearby: Clingman Cafe so I head in for a coffee break.

I whip out my laptop and get some ‘work’ done: blogging, transferring pictures, and my future plans.

Shortly after, I drive down the street to The Grey Eagle Taqueria.

I meet James; he is letting me couchsurf at his home. This will be the last couchsurfing person I meet on my trip.

I get the Lentil Chorizo (Vegan Sausage) and Pastor (Classic Taqueria Style Pork). The tacos were not great to be honest. Just okay. Perhaps I should have gotten something else.

After following him to his place and getting the low down on my rooming arrangement.

When I posted about my trip to Asheville, North Carolina on facebook, the post blew up with comments. So based on the suggestions from others (Alex, Rona, Jes, Mary, and Sarah) I drive down to the Wicked Weed Brewery.

I order a sampler.

The beer is good. I enjoy it while chatting with some of the locals (Kaitlin and Sarah).

I get a little hungry, and decide to try their Carolina Bison Burger. Amazing!!!

After the Wicked Weed experience I head out to The Grove Park Inn that many of my friends recommended. Fortunately it is getting close to sunset, so I plan to watch the sunset there as well.

After seeing all those ginger bread houses, I get hungry again and decide to take up John and Jes’ recommendation and visit Table Asheville.

I sit at the bar.

And chat up every around me.

This reminds me of Spain. Lots of bread and these amazingly delicious Spanish Olives: Arbequina. Had to come to America to experience them even though I was in Spain for two month. Geez.

I order the Sugar Creek lamb roast and ragout.

It was absolutely delicious with a caveat. I didn’t care too much for the winter beans. But I would go here and order this again – minus the winter beans.

I then head back to James’ house and go to bed.


James is a cool laid back guy. We didn’t spend much time together today but I get the sense that if we did hang out we would get along well. Thank you James for generously hosting me for two nights. I really appreciate it.

I wasn’t a big fan of the tacos I ordered at The Grey Eagle Taqueria, but it is worth another try for another day. Definitely getting something else though instead of the Lentil Chorizo.

I’m grateful for my friends (Alex, Rona, Mary, Jes and Sarah) telling me about the Wicked Weed Brewery. Since I’ve traveled all across the States, I’ve definitely tasted some really good beer. I enjoyed their beer selection, however I found that their food was out of this world. I’d go back for both but primarily for the food menu. Get the Carolina Bison Burger. It was really good. The best Bison burger I had was in Boise, Idaho and this was a close second.

The Grove Park Inn experience was great. You will have to read about that in another post. It was the highlight of my first day in Asheville.

And finally John and Jes, thanks for recommended Table Asheville. Food was delicious. I even got to meet the owner Jacob and had a great conversation with him about traveling. And those arbequinas (spanish olives) were amazing!!! I might have appreciated them slightly more than the lamb.

Expenses: $82.84
Coffee: $2.00 (Clingman Cafe)
Lunch: $15.60 (Grey Eagle Tavern)
Lunch: $27.00 (Wicked Weed Brewing)
Dinner: $34.49 (Table Asheville)
Parking: $3.75 (Feed the damn meter)