Travel Date: Thursday, Dec 18 2014

Got up and said goodbye to James and thanked him for his hospitality. Drove to the Clingman Cafe for some breakfast.

Then hit the road toward Virginia: my current home state.

I haven’t seen this sign in a while.

On the drive there I decided to try out the dark choloate bar I bought from French Broad Chocolates.

They don’t make it easy to get to the chocolate. But it was delicious – and worth the extra effort.

I drove into Blacksburg, and went to Bull & Bones Brewhaus & Grill.

Sat alone at the empty bar. It was noon-ish.

Ordered some wings and a beer. Wings were above average. Tasty, but not the best I’ve had. I would still eat there again.

And then met with my buddy Jay who just finished his last exam at Virginia Tech. Tomorrow is his graduation.

I’ve know him for a while through his sister Hetal, and he had my back once when I wasn’t aware of what was going on. I will always owe him for that. And I will never challenge him on consuming long island ice teas.

We go out and grab some Indian food.

Choices, choices, choices.

Not bad, and not great either. Decent portion size for the price.

I say goodbye to Jay and head over to the Panera nearby. And try to get some blogging done before I meet another friend Jay. Too many Jays in Blacksburg.

I met Jay when he came down to Lexington as one of the Field Staff for Organizing for America. He is quite the unique guy. Graduated from Princeton, and an avid hunter and sportsman, who can talk your ear off on guns, and worked for the President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign.

We head out to a local dive bar …

Called the London Underground.

Grab a beer and caught up a little on each other lives.

And then we head on home. He lives in the middle of nowhere. Everything is dark, and I’m driving up gravel hills, and can feel my car loosing traction on the road.

He has some guests over that he knows from martial arts.

We all sit in the living room, talk about this and that, and then bed time begins to creep in.

Time to call it a night.


Have to thank my friend Mary who recommended the French Broad Chocolate Factory. The dark chocolate bar I devoured didn’t stand a chance.

It was great to catch up with Indian Jay. I haven’t seen him in a while. And was very proud of him that he finished his last exam and is ready to graduate. But we have relatively been in touch so it didn’t feel like a very long time.

I had not seen Princeton Jay in a while as well. And wasn’t sure if our paths would cross again. The last time we had seen each other was when he had come to my going away party in Lexington. We shared some great memories together on the Campaign and some fun celebrations after.

Thank you both for making the time to see me, and thank you Princeton Jay for the room and board.

Expenses: $79.75
Breakfast: $8.92 (Clingman Cafe)
Gas: $8.00 (Exxon)
Gas: $23.33 (Exxon)
Lunch: $19.37 (Bull & Bones Brewhouse)
Dinner: $15.36 (Himalayan Curry Cafe)
Dinner: $4.77 (Panera Bread)