Travel Date: Friday, Dec 19 2014
The one benefit of staying in the woods away from relative civilization is witnessing the beautiful sunrises. I was awoken by the emerging sunlight piercing through the window. And this is what I saw.

Jay and I get some coffee.

And then it is time to leave for Jay’s graduation at Virginia Tech – Cassell Coliseum.

The Coliseum is quite big.

And empty for now.

They slowly start to come in and take their seats. And I see Jay. He is standing in the front row.

Singing of the National Anthem.

I’m joined by his family.

The ceremony is long, but I get free head massages from willing family members.

It is that time for Jay to walk.

And so he does. Officially graduated!

We head out to Carrabbas in Roanoke.

Everyone is here except for Hetal. She has some things to tend to.

I get some Sangria

And pasta to celebrate Jay’s graduation.

After dinner, we all say goodbye and I head out to a friends house.


It was an honor to be there for Jay’s graduation. I am very proud of him. He is not your traditional student but with steadfast determination and commitment to finishing his degree, he graduated from Virginia Tech. Never been to a Hokie graduation so that was neat to experience. Lots of people and traffic.

It was also great to see his parents and sisters: Hetal, Kruti and Hena.

Thank you Kruti for generously picking up dinner at Carrabbas. It was fun to hang out with everyone and celebrate Jay’s graduation.