Travel Date: Friday, Dec 19 2014
After leaving Jay and his family, I headed out to meet up with Jason at his home.
Later that evening we headed out to the local New Orleans styled bar The Quarter where I ran into some old friends and made some new ones.

After a Downtown Roanoke bar crawl Jason and I headed back home.


It was great to see Jason, Tammy, and Jess. And it was great to meet John Kong, and Michelle. Feeling at home already.

Expenses: $51.19
Beverages: $6.51 (The Quarter)
Beverages: $33.68 (Billy’s)
Dinner: $11.00 (Benny Marzanos)

Travel Date: Saturday, Dec 20 2014

Got up in the AM, and got some coffee…

with Jason. He was planning to put up his Christmas tree today.

I was thinking there was a perfect large one outside.

During lunch time I decided to head meet up with the Parks. They suggested going to Vina Cafe for some Pho.

I haven’t seen John and Sharon in a while and have missed them. We catch up over the last few months over some tasty Vietnamese food.

We get some rolls to share.

And some Pho.

After lunch I head towards my favorite watering hole: Jack Browns Roanaoke.

They still have my 200 beer sheet – after 9 months of traveling. That’s crazy!

After a beer, I head back to the house, where everyone is doing their part to prepare for the Ugly Christmas Sweater/Jes moving away to Blackburg’s Party.

Who said we cannot prepare and be festive.

Jes is preparing the egg nog.

Oooh that looks good.

Some people are slackers and attached to their phones.

Until they get called out for being lazy and get put to work.

Jes is ready for the celebration to begin.

Jake is ready.

Everyone shows up and exciting chaos begins.

First with Egg Nog.

Then with Christmas and Old School Karaoke songs

Pseudo Live Air Piano Performances

And ending with butt dancing.


It was a fun day. Spending time with Jason, and then the Parks (John and Sharon), reuniting with some people at Jack Browns Roanoke and finding that my beer sheet still exists, reuniting with old friends, meeting new people at the party, and the wonderful craziness of the night. Fun times and a great end or near end to my entire road trip.

That was a fun party Jason and Jes. Thank you for the invite and allowing me to be there and share that experience with you both.

Jason, thank you for hosting me for two nights. You are an amazing friend.

Expenses: $21.01
Lunch: $9.08 (Vina Cafe)
Beverages: $11.93 (Jack Browns Roanoke)