Travel Date: Sunday, Dec 21 2014
It is still football season, and I co-ordinate a meet up with my old Saints fan club at Awful Arthurs in Downtown Roanoke.

My team the New Orleans Saints are playing their rivals (hated rivals) the Atlanta Falcons.

It is annoying that I have to be friendly with Jes who is a Falcon’s fan. 🙂 Just kidding. We cannot take sports too seriously. I meet up with Dave, Wes, and Robyn. We have watched so many games together.

The Falcons won a really really bad game but they won. I say goodbye to Dave and we head out to Jack Browns for a few drinks.

And then I head to visit two of my closest friends: Tyler and his wife Ally. I’ve known them over the years and practically lived in their home on weekends. They were considering permanently labeling the room I stayed in: Ali’s room.

We went to their friends house (Will Boylan) for a Christmas Party. A family picture with TJ (their son).

A fast pace and competitive card game ensues (Dutch Blitz). Someone somewhere has a video of this awesome chaotic game. And it should be played on a round table, or maybe square table. Rectangular tables offer an advantage, and I definitely benefited from that.

I figure out my strategy after watching everyone else.

Will is quite eager to dispose of his cards.

But in the end I win win win. 🙂 Welcome back to Virginia!!

A great day with friends and ‘family.’ Now it is bed time and the last leg of my trip tomorrow back to Lexington to finish my trip across the 48 states of the contiguous states.


Yesterday was a great day reuniting with friends. I’ve been driving on the road for about 6 months visiting friends occasionally. But coming back to Roanoke was filled with a lot of memories and people I’ve met and known over the years.

Today, it was great to hang out with some Saints fans and watch the Saints-Falcon’s game despite the outcome. I was sort of prepared for it, but hopeful that we would win. Sigh! A guy can only dream!!

It was great to hang out with Jes again, and see Dave, Wes and Robyn. Thank you guys for coming out.

And finally spending quality time with two of my closest friends Tyler and Ally, and hanging out with little cutie pie TJ was exciting. They are like family to me. Winning the card game at the Boylans was icing on the cake. We need to play that more often. 🙂

I’m feeling a little sad that today is the last night, and tomorrow is the last day where I drive back to Lexington, Virginia.

Expenses: $27.85
Awful Arthers: $22.44
Jack Browns: $5.41