Travel Date: Sunday, Nov 22 2015
After lunch at the Thai restaurant we drive to Volcanoes National Park

We stop by at the Visitor’s Center.

We want to get some information on the volcanoes. The weather forecast is not great. It is pretty cloudy and visibility is poor. We were crossing our fingers for a clear day/evening later but that does not look likely.

So we decide to make the most of it, and check out what we can. We get back in the car and make our first stop the Jagger Museum.

Following the signs.

There is the volcano. Do you see it clearly? Us neither.

However there are some noticeable vents of steam protruding.

But it is pretty much blurry.

But at night time on a clear evening, you can see the glow of the volcano and it is supposedly amazing to see. Take a look at my friend Mengia’s pictures of the crater trail and the volcano glow. She was able to take these on another day.

At least the educational signs are readable.

We decide to check out the museum instead.
One of our favorite signs across the park is warning about driving and Cars killing Nene. 

More volcanic exhibits.

Time to hit the road and visit other sites at Volcanoes National Park.

Next stop is the Thurston Lava Tube.

This is a popular spot and parking is limited. If all the spots are taken, just wait for a bit and something will open up. Be patient.

Justin and I walk to the trail head

And we pretty much go in circles around the trail-head to the bottom of the tube.

A view of a healthy rain forest.

A view from the top: lots of trees everywhere.

More walking.

And finally we get to the entrance of the volcano tube. Quite pretty!

Inside the tube looking back.

Fortunately there are lights everywhere.

One of my favorite pictures at the exit point looking back.

Back outside we walk across an asphalt trail with lots of tropical plants everywhere.

Appreciating the tropical beauty as we slowly ascend back to the top.

The view from the top again

We leave and continue moving on to the next spot: The Devastation Trail.

A walk through another rain forest..ish.

Wow! It actually looks kind of cool.

Doesn’t it look from afar that that ‘used-to-be-a-tree’ is on fire!!!

A closer look.

We decide to turn around and walk back to the car.

It is time to head out and leave.

The sun is beginning to set. And we need to beat it the Punalu’u Black Sand Beach.


Volcanoes National Park is interesting. I wish we had better visibility and less clouds. It would have been cool to see the crater clearly during the day and the wonderful glow at night. Seeing the lava tube was good and also the Devastation Trail. It was quite pretty in a different kinds of way.

Expenses: $0.00
None – because I had an ‘America the Beautiful National Parks Pass which meant that I could drive our ‘ugly car’ in and out of the park for fee. Otherwise it would be a $15.00 fee.