Travel Date: Monday, Nov 23 2015

After lunch at The Shrimp Station and getting some gear we headed to Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor to meet Captain Cody and get a tour of the Na Pali Coast.

Check out his website: Go Blue Ocean Adventure Tours
Review his customer feedback: TripAdvisor

Parked in the universal parking lot/grass.

And walked to the harbor.

I believe that is our boat.

But where is the Captain? Where is Captain Cody??

Captain Cody flags us down. We talk to him for a bit. I ask him when I can pay him and he replies to pay him later after the trip. Everything here is just LAID BACK. I love it!

Justin and I get on board with another family of four.

And we are off moving out of the harbor perimeter, …
… and into the deep blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Captain Cody tells us about the island of Ni’ihau (left) and the tiny extension of Lehau (far right) in the picture below. The island has only 170 inhabitants, and they live mostly without the basic modern necessities, and speak native Hawaiian. The island is generally off-limits to all but relatives of the island’s owners, U.S. Navy personnel, government officials and invited guests, giving it the nickname “The Forbidden Isle.”

I am intrigued. Now I want to go visit there.

We go past the crazy clouds over the western part of Kaua’i.
At the end of the island is a US military base to protect the islands of Hawaii from foreign invasion or threats.

We cut the corner of Kauai and begin to see the start of the Na Pali Coast. I am very exited.

Captain Cody stop to talk about native Hawaiian history.

I am too distracted and mesmerized by the shapes of these mountains and cliffs.

The waterfalls that cut through the mountains. I love the sandy beaches at the bottom, which are only accessible by boat and swimming off the boat.

And then Captain Cody takes us near the fisherman village of Nu`alolo Kai. He begins to feed the fish jalapeno chips, because they love it

And then the amazing happens. Turtles.

Beautiful views of the Na Pali Coast. I love these mountains.


The beach of the fisherman village of Nu`alolo Kai, where monk seals and turtles rest.

We continue on.


The first cave.

And waterfall.

We back into the cave.

I love the colors and the ocean is rough.


I love love love these rugged cliffs.


Apparently some movie was filmed on this beach. And a helicopter went through the hole on the left side.



A waterfall in a cave.

An then we get a circular tour of a cave. It was amazing.

After seeing all these waterfalls, I told Captain Cody, that I wouldn’t mind getting drenched. But I couldn’t speak for everyone else.

Moments later, we get closer to the waterfall.

And then we all got wet. It was amazing. It was cold. And I was happy.

I just love the color.

The contrast of the clouds, colors of the mountains, and ocean just was amazing.

We drove by the fisherman village of Nu`alolo Kai.

And shortly after found ourselves there on land.

We began walking the trail.

Taking obligatory selfies proving we were there.

I love this stone wall.

Captain Cody picks up a fallen coconut.

And attempts to open it using traditional Hawaiian “coconut openers”.

Be careful.

Watch out for the family jewels.

And done.

X marks the spot. I’m not sure what the X is for.

It you look closely, there are mountains goats.

We get to the beach Captain Cody showed us earlier.

We find a few monk seals relaxing.

And the sea turtles as well.

Group picture.

Time to head back.

Get back in the boat.

Good bye Nu`alolo Kai.

We decide to scan the ocean waters for some whales. Captain Cody saw a whale the previous day so they should be around here somewhere.

Unfortunately after a nice 30 minute search we were not able to see any. Captain Cody claimed to have seen a spout but I couldn’t tell the difference between it and a regular wave.

The sun begins to set, so it is time to head back to the Kikiaola Small Boat Harbor.

We get in time for the finale. I say goodbye to Captain Cody and head out to the pier for the epic sunset.

But by far my favorite picture was the one Justin snuck in of me and the sunset.

Time to head to the hotel and relax.

The Na Pali Coast boat tour was amazing. Captain Cody was relaxed, and easy going about everything. He kept me updated via text about the weather patterns and possibilities of what we could do since we were going off-season. He was also knowledgeable about the islands. He gave us historical insight into the Hawaiian people and culture, as well as engaged in our adventurous side. I really appreciated the stop over at the native fisherman village of Nu`alolo Kai and the beautifully timed sunset.

The family we shared the boat tour was great company as well, and they were up for the adventure.

The only wishes I had that weren’t fulfilled were sighting of dolphins or whales, but perhaps I can see those another day in the future.

Expenses: $160.00
Tickets: $140.00 each (Na Pali Coast Boat Tour with Captain Cody)
Tip: $20.00