Travel Date: Friday, Feb 5 2016
I was traveling from Richmond, Virginia to Ontario, California to visit the Wu family and celebrate Chinese New Year (Sat., Feb. 6th). Since I was flying on a Friday, I chose to spend some of my time with my friend Greg and his wife Tina.
My flight from Richmond arrived in Houston on time, and my flight from Houston to Ontario, California was ready to take off with the sunset.

This was going to be the longest sunset flight ever. I was flying westward with the sunset.





I finally arrived in Ontario, California.

It was one of the best sunsets I’ve seen. The timing of it was perfect.

Greg picked me up from the airport, and we drove over to his home. We just relaxed watching some TV, and talking shop, and looking at wedding pictures of him and Tina, and Tina’s daughter.

Travel Date: Saturday, Feb 6 2016

The next morning, we got up and decided to go for a a hike before the hot weather kicked in. We headed over to the Skyline Drive Trail at the edge of the city of Corona.

We first starting walking on the asphalt.

The views on the right were all homes.

The views on the left were unique.

And then we decided on a selfie moment.

As we get further into the trail the views change to more greenery.


We get closer to the canyon.

The trail changes from asphalt to a dirt road.

The views get prettier.

And there are more people and cyclists on the trail.

We finally get to the trail head of the Tin Mine Canyon.

Time to get walking on some hills and incline.

We begin to walk higher and higher, and notice the perspective of the trail change at the different elevations.




As we walk up higher and higher, Greg points out a car that fell off the cliff.

I zoom in with my iPhone to get a closer look.

We continue on and get even higher up the canyon. The views of the Canyon are unique and beautiful.


I love those snow-capped San Gorgonio Mountains


There is more to walk, but for now it is time to turn around, and walk back down.





A elevated selfie moment.



The path is just a simple dirt road. And I’m walking in my flip-flops/slippers. And I pick up a lot of dust.

I enjoy the steepness of the slope. It reminds me of running down some of the steep hills on the Camino de Santiago.

One last look at the canyon, before we re-enter the asphalt trail, and arrive at the trail head.

We get into the car, pick up some Gatorade at a gas station, and head back home. Tina starts up the jacuzzi, and it is time for a refreshing dip.

Look ma, no hands!!!

After a quick shower, I dress up and get ready to celebrate Chinese New Year with the Wu’s. I say goodbye to my good friends Greg and Tina, thank them for the visit, and for being a wonderful hosts.


Originally, when I booked the flight into Ontario, I noticed the time on the flight from Houston to Ontario. I thought it would be a wonderful experience to see the sun set for a prolonged period of time as I flew westward. And it was rewarding. I’m glad I got that window seat.

It was great to catch up with Greg while walking the trail. While walking, I realized that I was out of shape in a lot of ways, and was in good shape in other ways. Mentally, I made a pledge to get back into running, and contemplated training for a full marathon.

The views of the Tin Mine Canyon was different from what we see on the East Coast. Lots of dry hills, dusty trails and pretty contracts when there is greenery. The shapes of the dry hills and mountains were interesting at times. I think they were probably molded by the scarce rainfall California gets. But the picturesque view of the snow capped San Gorgonio Mountains with the background of the city of Corona was gorgeous and memorable.

It is always a pleasurable experience to see Greg and his wife Tina, and spend time with them.

Gatorade: $4.00 (Some California Gas Station)