Travel Date: Saturday, Feb 6 2016
The main reason for flying down to California was to celebrate Chinese New Year with the Wu’s This was going to be my second celebration. If it was anything like my first Chinese New Year celebration at the Wu’s, it was going to be awesome.
I got there around 4 PM, just in time to help. I had the difficult responsibility of setting up the tables with food. And maybe the unofficial responsibility of taking pictures and videos.
The kitchen is loaded with goodies.

The dining table is filled with raw meat and other foods.

Got meat?

Ooh, what is in here?





I walked outside to the garden. What??? There are tables outside too.

Many eating places.

Back inside the Chinese decor was everywhere.

I was thinking about stealing one before dinner? I didn’t.


Back to the kitchen.


And now it is time to get to work – setting up the tables.

Jordan is goofing off with the camera. That is supposed to be my responsibility.

The girls are setting up stacks of meat.

Ooh. I want to try that right now.

Jordan’s mom is the genius behind the food. She is an amazing cook.

Jordan attempts to pour down the noodles in the larger container.

But his mom steps in to show him how it is done. 🙂

And that is how you do it Jordan.

The stuff they use to make the hot sauce.

Special sauce in the making.

Oh, I cannot wait to put that in my belly.

And then there was an epic moment of confusion, debate, and resolution on what dishes to use.

Now that the food is setup, the special hot sauce is made, it is time to setup the various tables.







And then we have the first wave of people come in. Yes the Wu’s are hosting their family and close friends in two waves. They are just ridiculous. And I’m insanely grateful.




And now it is time for deserts.


This one was heaven.

And then the second wave of people arrive: Sigma Nu’s. Many of them were my ex-co-workers and some core volunteers.

Great fraternalism represented at the Wu Household.

Thank you Jordan and Shamim for an amazing Chinese New Year experience, again. I’m looking forward to the next one.


Time to hang out with my twin brother: Jamil

And then it is time to go to bed. I’m so full, I need to run tomorrow, and not eat for days.

I don’t have words to express how much fun this day was. I knew it was going to be great because of my first Chinese New Year experience with them. But again, the Wu’s tend to surprise you with more friendship, laughter, joy, and kindness.

It was great to spend time with both Jordan’s and Shamim’s sides of the family and meet some new people. It was exciting to reconnect with many of the Sigma Nu’s still working at Headquarters, and some of the past staff and volunteers.

And needless to mention, but I’m looking forward to another invite to the Wu household for the next Chinese New Year.

Expenses: $0.00
Bloated belly!