Travel Date: Friday, April 29th 2016
After my work calls ended on Friday, I headed out to the Richmond Airport with a backpack and a small suitcase.

I was excited to go on my Alaskan adventure with my mom and sis, and in the process visit my childhood best friend Morton. It has been a while since I’ve seen him.


I transited through the Chicago O’Hare Airport, and enjoyed the various airport lighted art as I commuted from one terminal to the next.


And shortly later, I arrived in Seattle and caught a very expensive cab to get to Downtown Seattle to see Morton. I drop off my suitcase, and backpack and at his apartment, and we head to one of the local restaurants near his home: Sansei Seafood Restaurant.

We drink some delicious Sauvignon Blanc…

Take a selfie…

And munch down on some delicious sushi…



And catch up on each other’s lives.

The bartender is pretty cool. He wants to run for the Presidency in the future, and he is pretty serious about it. So we decided to take his picture just in case he makes it big!

It was great to fly to Seattle, Washington, and see Morton on route to Vancouver, British Columbia. Hanging out with him felt like good old times. We caught up pretty quickly and made a commitment to see each other more often. I am happy to know he is doing really well in his new environment, and life is working out for him.

Oh, and the sushi was pretty good. And the company was better.

Expenses: $168.78
Richmond Airport: $16.27 (Late Lunch)
Sansei Seattle and Sushi Bar: $104.11 (Dinner)
Airport Taxi: $48.40 (Taxi)