Travel Date: Wednesday, May 4th 2016
After lunch we wait around the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park Visitors Center (that’s a mouthful) for the bus to the zip line tour. The company I think is Grizzly Falls Ziplining Expedition. Once the bus arrives, we get on, and drive back to ship to pick up the other guests.

During the ride there, we meet Kiki who is driving our bus, and has just started working this job for the summer. And she is pretty excited about it.

She gives us the low down on signing a waiver for the zip line course.

We leave the docking area and head out away from downtown Skagway in the woods of Alaska.

On the way there we see sea lions playing around in the Taiya river.

It is quite an amazing sight. Sorry about the shaky video, and the other shaky videos that will follow.

We continue driving past the river and some bridges.

And we finally arrive at Dyea Flats Municipal Recreational Area.

Some of our guys are out and ready to greet us.


The area is beautiful.

We head in to get setup

I sneak in a picture with Kiki. And wish her luck in dealing with us.

At basecamp we realize we have to walk up the entire hill or mountain.

Fortunately there is transportation.



And we are off, on the very steep climb. I wouldn’t be wanting to walk this, although, on second thought I am also up for the challenge if I had to.
I love the view around us.





Finally, we get to main camp at the top of the hill. We meet all our instructors, and get our gear setup for the course.

Now the ‘hard part’, walking to the first zip-line.


My sis is ready.

This is our group.

Time for the first zip-line.

My sister’s first experience on a zip-line.

The second zip-line.


The third.


Walking around a shaky bridge.



Some people have more difficulty than others.

Sort-of serious picture.

Not so serious-picture.

The next zip-line #4.


The fifth.

The sixth.

The seventh.

I grab a video of some of our friends doing a zip line as well.


Time to appreciate some of the Grizzly Falls.


The eighth.



The ninth.


And we are done.

Brotherly, sisterly love.

Not so much!
After our session, we get back to our camp on the top of the hill and take a few pictures.


And then it is time to head back home to Skagway and the ship.


Our wonderful instructors.

Now really acting like the like each other. 🙂

Back on our ride, as we come down the hill, the views are still captivating.









I will miss these landscapes.

Do we really have to go back??

Oh those mountains of the Tongass National Forest.








And then we arrive back in small and beautiful Skagway.



The staff of Grizzly Falls Zipling Expedition did a great job with the zip-line course. They were super high energy and made every zip-line as exciting to experience as possible. I shouldn’t fail to mention safety was and is always their primary concern. It was a little hard for me to get super excited since I’ve jumped out of planes before, but I am glad my sister enjoyed it.

Great job team!!

Expenses in US$: $380.85
$380.85 Zipline for two people (Grizzly Falls Zip-lining Expedition)