Travel Date: Wednesday, May 4th 2016

After getting off the ship, we walk into one of the tourist places: M&M Tours

We decide to purchase a train tour of the White Pass and Yukon Route from Fraser, British Columbia back to Skagway, Alaska. And then the plan is my sis and I will do a zip line course.

All signed up and ready to go.

We do a little walking to get to our bus. It was about a 10-15 minute walk.

We pass the railway tracks.

And we finally get to our bus. We were the last ones, and they are waiting on us to board.

Once aboard, they give us a briefing about our passports, and entry, and the basics about riding on the bus including the bathroom and when we can and cannot use it – especially during immigration check points.. Unfortunately, they don’t know they words or sing “The Wheels on the Bus go round and round.”

We are excited about our tour.

Time to go… the song the wheels of the bus go round and round play silently in my head.

The views from the bus are limited, and my ability to hold the camera steady is very shaky.


We are getting closer to the Canadian Border. You can see the joint US and Canadian border effort.

We pass the U.S. Skagway port of entry.

Shortly after we stop, pull over, and take some pictures. The weather is cool; cool enough for me to bundle up in my sweater when I’m outside. The water rolling down the mountain generates enough hydro-electricity to power the nearby town. I am not sure if they mentioned the town is Skagway or not, but it was interesting.

We are back on our way.

There are truckers on this route, and it does take a while to move up the mountain.

But once we get up, the views are “snowy” beautiful.







We officially cross over into the Canadian side.

And then we arrive in Fraser, British Columbia.


Officially on the Canadian side. The flags prove it!

A Canadian border official is ready to review our passports.

Meanwhile, the train from the Yukon Territory arrives with a full load of passengers.


Once our passports have been reviewed and approved, we get off and enjoy the landscapes. It is a little cold up here in May.


I love this train. Can’t you tell??



We also meet Marcelo and Vivi from Brazil. They were on the train, and now are hopping off for the bus ride back.

We take a few obligatory pictures.

This is the crew of this carriage.




I get off for a split second to take some scenic pictures with the train.



And then get back on board for the welcoming announcements.

And now for the epic train ride.









I guess this is for when things get a little too cold.

I decide to venture outside, between the carriages, stand between the galleries, and take pictures and videos. It is clearer and less shaky, but you don’t get the announcements from the staff. Sometimes you just have to appreciate nature for what it is without its historical context. Maybe I can read about it later.


The White Pass Summit: the US and Canadian borders.




See for yourself on Google Maps.

A glance at the upcoming valley.

But first a 675 foot tunnel through the mountain.

We witness the old steel bridge which was constructed in 1901, and used until 1969.


Oh, that is why it is no longer used. It makes sense. 🙂


I begin to noticed that there is less snow, and things are getting a little warmer. Not warm enough to take out my jacket or gloves.

Mind blowing beauty.

And epic valleys.





More train and valley pictures.



Melting snow and ice means lovely river rapids.

And scenic too.



I trade cameras with someone on the other side and we both take pictures of ourselves, and take the camera’s back. The other guy is from Texas, and also enjoying the Alaskan wilderness for the first time.

I love those mountains and valleys. It gets me camera trigger happy.

The sign “On to Alaska with Buchanan” has a story behind it. Read it here.

More rivers and rapids.










The carriage in front of me is empty.

We start to slow down.

Time for the U.S. Border Check.


And now it time to get off.

Take a few pictures to savor the memory.

Head off on the bus.

And back to Skagway with our guides.


And we get dropped off at the same place we started; near the railroad tracks.

The bus ride to Fraiser, British Columbia was okay. But the train ride back was just amazing. Those mountains, and the valleys, and the rivers, and snow; it was just so beautiful. I definitely enjoyed being outside the train between the carriages. It was pretty cold, but nothing beat the fresh air, and a full complete view. Great tour by M&M Tour company. I highly recommend it.
While cross borders, I noticed the Canadian Immigration officer was quite friendly. I cannot say the same for the U.S. Immigration officer. Just a little more than serious. In any case I had no real issues, and enjoyed the experience overall.
Expenses in US$: $346.05
Train Ride: $346.05 (M&M Tours)