Travel Date: Wednesday, May 4th 2016
After an epic day in Juneau, we rested well, and got up in the morning in Skagway, Alaska.

I look at the itinerary to get a bearing of today’s events.


One of my favorite things daily on the ship to see was the large chessboard. I wanted to play it, but just couldn’t find anyone willing. Perspective, small picture versus big picture is everything.

Mom, sis, and I grabbed a quick breakfast.

And walked to the elevators. A reminder, it is Wednesday.

And we head off to tour Skagway.

It is a ten to fifteen minute walk from the ship to the town, and so we walk.

Some local history about Skayway and its Historic Waterfront.



I turn back to look at the beautiful mountains. They are such a pretty sight.


We walk into one of the tourist places: M&M Tours.

We decide to get a train tour of the White Pass and Yukon Route from Frasier, British Columbia back to Skagway, Alaska. And then the plan is my sis and I will do a zip line course.

All signed up and ready to go.

We continue out walking to the city.

And past the harbor.

And officially to the Klondike Goldrush National Historic Park area, and Skagway, Alaska.

We catch the bus we are supposed to get to drive to Frasier, British Columbia.

Get our introductory tour messages, and double checking to see if we have carried our passports. And we are off, on bus-ride journey to Frasier, British Columbia.

After we arrive back, Mom goes back to the ship. My sis and I decide to walk around the Skagway Downtown District.


Lots of open road space.

It is a cute small town. Cute, and very very very small.

We decide to stop at Northern Lights Pizzeria for some local food.

It is very empty, and we are practically early for lunch.

My sister and I get the Captians Plate to share. It is a combination platter of homemade deep fried Alaskan, Halibut, Salmon & Shrimp, served with cocktail & tartar sauce. It is quite large and overwhelming. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the food, so you will just have to imagine what fried seafood look like. 🙂

After lunch, we continue to walk around the town. We have time to spend before our zip line tour begins. So we walk around some of the streets curiously and I take pictures along the way.



We decided to peek in the Klondike Gold Rush National Park Visitor Center.

And say hello to the National Parks Ranger, and check out the various exhibits and history.

Our bus arrives.

We get on board, say hello to our driver Kiki, and then off we go to the Grizzly Falls Ziplining Expedition.

During our return from the ropes course, we pass the other entrance sign of Skagway on the other end of town.


And we stop by the Fairway Market to pick up some groceries and supplies.

We notice some passionate political supporters showing casing their support for Trump.

We pass by, but avoid the Alaska Liquor Store.


Walk towards the Skagway Harbor and the beautiful snow capped mountains.




And head back to the cruiseline.

Goodbye Skagway.

As we board we notice the graffiti on the rocks.


Back on the ship, I recalled that there was some Martini tasting onboard the ship: $3 a martini.


These martini’s are delicious.



I talk to some the people at the bar and make some new friends: Nicola from Australia and Gaby from Mexico.

I invited Gaby and Nicola to dinner, since I knew Matt and Riisa weren’t going to be in attendance.

Time to eat!!! And have great conversation while doing it.

French Onion Soup “Les Halles”.

Curry Coconut Chicken

And for dessert,

Hazelnut Mousse Cake no sugar added.

And when we arrive back to our room, my sister and mom are awe-ing at the bedside decorations.

Skagway is filled with activities for a full one-day tour or two-day tour, but out of the city of Skagway. Traveling out of Skagway to BC was as impressive as traveling back to it. I enjoyed the short historical tour of Skagway, and most notably the train. The zip line course was average for me, but it was amazing experience to spend it with my sister who was experiencing it for the first time.
Meeting Nicola and Gaby at the Atrium Bar for martini’s was refreshing, and it was equally great to have them join us for dinner. I have begun to take this for granted: but it is always great to share a meal with my family, and my extended family: Bonny, Mark, and Marcy, A good eventful and fun day.
Expenses in US$:
$37.65: Lunch (Northern Lights Pizzeria)
$7.18: Fairway Market (Groceries and Supplies)
$37.50: Hotel Service Charge: Day 1 ($12.50 per person for 3, Ms. Noordam)
$17.25: Beverages (Atrium Bar – Martinis)