Travel Date: Friday, May 6th 2016

We received our tour tickets at the Visitor’s Center.

Then we get picked up for our tour with a local native Alaskan guide.

He drives us to a viewing point where we can see a few adult bald eagles.

We walk through the nearby park and get some local history.

And then we continue to drive on. Our tour guide pulls beside the road because he spots a whale.

All of us are waiting for the moment and scanning the area looking for whale signs.

And then we see it: around 0:36 seconds in the video below. This was my first humpback whale spotting.

After spotting the whale sighting we head over to another park area to see local wild life.

That is a adolescent bald eagle. It is still brown, and not yet an adult.

Shortly after the short stop for local wildlife we head back in the tour van.

Our next stop is the Saxman Native Village.

We walk by the Native Carving Shed, and watch existing totems being built.

And then we walk towards the Clan House.

Our tour guide shows us the wood carving work he did, and talks about the beat of the carving and the imprint it leaves on the wood. He mentioned that if you have done it right, they should all line up.

The Clan House is closed. But we get a good tour from the outside, and all the totems in area.

Time to head back towards downtown Ketchikan.

It was a short and perfectly timed tour of Ketchikan. I definitely appreciated the visiting local places and learning the local history from an Native Alaskan tour guide. The guided visit to the Saxman Native Village was also a good experience. What made our tour really memorable was witnessing the humpback whale rise above the water and make its presence known.One interesting fun fact: they prefer to be called Native Alaskan versus Native American or Indian.Expenses in US$: $105.00
$105.00: Tour for 3 people (with a Native Alaskan, and a visit to the Totem Pole)
Paid with cash for a cheaper price.