Travel Date: Friday, May 6th 2016
I wake up and were are pretty close to Ketchikan.
It’s Friday. Whoo Hooo!!! Oh wait, I’m on vacation. Everyday is a holiday.

I head up to the Crow’s Nest to view the landscape of the incoming town of Ketchikan, and get a history lesson from Fred from Canada on the “Bridge from Nowhere.” It was a proposal to link the town of Ketchikan (on the left side) with the airport on Gravina Island (on the right side). You can see both in the picture below.

Soon after, we arrive in Ketchikan and dock.


Everyone is anxious to get on land. We have been on the ship for over 24 hours.


We head over to the Visitor’s Center to get some tour options.

We decide to take a tour of Ketchikan with an Alaskan Native, and also a tour of a Saxman Native Village with many totem poles.

After the local tour, we decide to walk around the Historic Creek Street. It was a place where the locals men and women met to spawn, and also the location where salmon do as well.




Dolly’s House where you can get the historic brothel feel. We skipped this tour.


I turn around, and in the distance I can see the cruise liner.

We continue on our Creek Street tour.



Ah, the place where you can catch the salmon swimming up stream to spawn, and then die.



Moving on.





A tram that connects to another level.



Ah, it is that time: shopping time!



I love it. “Shipping Included to the Lower 48 States & Canada.” It is not often that you see that. And someone omitted Hawaii.


Mom and sis finish buying some trinkets, and we head towards the harbor and the cruiseship.


Goodbye Creek Street.


At the harbor, we decide to try some local fresh fish.


So many choices.

Lots of space to sit.

And stare outside


Oh, and we get some Smoked Salmon Chowder. That was delicious!


I get the AK Sampler which consists of Bering sea cod, local silver salmon, and local halibut.


After filling our bellies, we head back to the cruiseline.



I head back up to the Crow’s Nest, and run into Fred from Canada AGAIN.

We sit back, relax, and talk about life, and appreciate the last Alaskan views that we are going to see as we depart Ketchikan, Alaska and head back to Vancouver, British Columbia.



Around Martini time, I head back down to the Atrium, and get a few Martinis.


And then later, it is dress up time for our second and last Gala Dinner.

The whole crew is here.

We all get served the chef’s special.

I order the Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail with Brandy cocktail sauce.

And the Foie Gras with Apple Tarte Tatin.

I excuse myself from the table for a moment, and made the mistake of leaving my unlocked phone around.





Now you know what I had to deal with. 🙂

Next up is the Roasted Parsnip Soup with crispy kale, and pumpkin seed oil

And an admiring the ring moment.

Followed up by the Surf and Turf: filet mignon, lobster tail, herb garlic butter, basmati rice, and sauteed vegetables.

Grandma Bonny spends some quality time with Ciaran.

And then it time for dessert, and us to celebrate Bonny’s birthday!


I also get the Tiramisu.

After dinner, my mom plays Grandma and takes care of Ciaran for a while.

I head over to listen to the Jazz band.

And later join Mark, Bonny, Marcy, and my sis at the Piano bar for some lively entertainment.

One of the men in the bar, falls asleep, and later smashes his head on a pole which leads to significant bleeding. Mark, who is a fire fighter, quickly jumps into first responder mode and handles the situation quickly, until the ship medic comes by to take over. Mark, remember those people who claimed they were doctors but did nothing!
I’m a little tired at this point so I linger around as long as I can, and then head back to room to sleep.
Walking Creek Street in Ketchikan was neat. It was a cute setup, and a very short walk. It was an item to cross off the list versus a great experience to share with your friends. I did like the Salmon marker where they swim upstream to spawn, and then die.
The food at the Alaska Fish House was great. The owner was friendly and service good. I recommend going, but just note the food is a little pricey.
Dinner with the entire group to celebrate our second Gala Dinner, and also Bonnie’s birthday was fantastic. I am thrilled to get those wonderful silly pictures on my camera to share with the internet.
The Jazz Band were great. They played multiple sets so if you missed one, you could watch the next.
The piano bar was great, minus the shenanigans that happened afterwards.
All said, it was a great time.
Expenses in US$: $141.40
$58.53: Lunch (Alaska Fish House )
$27.60: Beverages (Atrium Bar)
$8.63: Beverages (Queens Lounge)
$9.14: Beverages (Queens Lounge)
$37.50: Hotel Service Charge Day 5 ($12.50 per person for 3, Ms. Noordam)