Travel Date: Saturday, May 7th 2016
Ah, the last full day on the cruiseline. How sad. I don’t want it to end!!
We are going to be on the boat for the full day, so today is “soak up as much of this experience as I can today!”
The activities for today are:

Marcy, Mom, I, Gaby, and Nicola grab breakfast.

I walk around the ship, and run into this couple learning to play chess. So I teach them the basic moves.

Later, I go upstairs and meet up with Mark, and we try to finish up the last of the Eagle Rare Whiskey.

I spend some time looking out the balcony, and appreciating the ocean blue water, and the various islands we pass by.

My favorite time of the evening is Martini tasting time. I do not want to pass up on those $3.00 martinis.

And then for the encore, we head back to Mark’s room. We both booked our trip with a tour agency, and they left us a bottle of champagne. Perhaps it was the same one.

I’m glad we are in Mark’s room. In case there is any spillage. ­čÖé

He did a perfect job opening the champagne.

Almost done with the pour.

Cheers to a great adventure!!!

It is dinner time. Everyone is back. Our last dinner on the cruise together!

We had to take two pictures. Because Mark was being silly.

We play a little game of pass the “Ciaran” around.

And then we eat. I forgot to take a picture of the menu, so the pictures will just have to do.

After dinner, we say goodbye to Matt, Riisa, and Ciaran. They live on the other side of the ship, and wanted to go to sleep. We’d hope to see them tomorrow, but it would be unlikely.

The rest of us go back to the piano bar for another session. I got him to play Hotel California as the last song of his performance. A fitting end!!!

Fortunately, there were no theatrics or incidents. I stayed out as late as I could and then went to bed.

Today was a very relaxing day. Just hanging out, spending time doing various things on the ship, and enjoying the great company we had for the last seven days with Mark, Bonny, Marcy, Matt, Riisa, Ciaran, mom, and sis. We really had great camaraderie and friendship! I don’t know if this happens often or always on cruise lines, but I consider myself very lucky.

I really hope we all get to see each other again. Maybe, another vacation either in the U.S., Canada, or maybe Mexico. My heart is full of happiness, joy, and contentment!

Expenses in US$: $68.56
$13.80: Beverages (Atrium Bar)
$8.63: Beverages (Queens Lounge)
$8.63: Beverages (Sports Bar)
$37.50: Hotel Service Charge: Day 6 ($12.50 per person for 3, Ms. Noordam)